Newborough Forest is facing devastation!

The Directive is being misinterpreted

What the NRW say

Have these proposals been thought through?

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What the NRW say

( The following are extracts from the Natural Resources Wales - 
12th September 2013 NEWS RELEASE
- Work to improve dunes to begin )

'Natural Resources Wales, which has recently invested around £1 million to improve facilities in the area, also emphasises its belief that the site will continue to provide local people with a great area for recreation and benefit the tourist economy in the area'.

Tim Jones from Natural Resources Wales said: “This whole area is a great place for people and wildlife, and it’s important for the local economy. We want to make sure that it continues to be so".

“Helping the landscape take on a more natural appearance will not only help wildlife but it will also enhance the beauty of an area which is hugely valued by local people and the more than 170,000 visitors it attracts each year".








Far from helping wildlife as is claimed, clearfelling the forest will devastate all existing wildlife within the cleared area. Natural Resources Wales is also saying that the clearfelled mobile sand dunes that this NRW trial felling is trying to create, will enhance the beauty of the area.

Unfortunately for them, the vast majority of people strongly disagree with this statement. We have consulted many thousands of forest visitors while collecting signatures for our petition. & generally people react with disbelief that these proposals are even being considered. Far from enhancing the beauty of the area, in their view these proposals have the potential to destroy Newborough forest as a tourist attraction. The general consensus is LEAVE THE FOREST ALONE, THIS AREA IS BEAUTIFUL! see What People Think

The European Habitats Directive includes the following paragraph -

' Measures taken pursuant to this Directive shall take account of economic, social and cultural requirements and regional and local characteristics.’

This key paragraph is very applicable to the Newborough situation. Currently it very much appears that it is being largely ignored by the NRW. In the case of Newborough forest, peoples opinions & interests should be of paramount importance, especially as this forest is owned by the Assembly on behalf of the 'People ofWales'. see - Newborough forest Petitioning results

The main 'Stakeholders' in Newborough forest are the people of Anglesey yet no meaningful consultation with them is taking place. The public do not support & have been given no proper opportunity by NRW to object to this trial clearfelling operation of an area equivalent to 10 football pitches. The public are only too aware that this could lead to the much more extensive clearance operation specified in the 2010-2015 FMP. This work is being done in spite of the massive public opposition to similar plans which has been demonstrated since 2004. It is not clear that the Welsh Government have been made fully aware of the level of public opposition that exists over this matter.