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NRW press release - Restoring Newboroughs Sand Dunes

1-11-2014 Newborough News Issue 10 published - Welsh Government concludes Scientific Review.


Newborough News Issue 9 published informing the wider public of the trial felling.


Iolo Williams attacks NRW as 'disaster' for conservation


Natural Resources Wales Board Meeting update


This letter received explaining the Welsh Governments position.


NRW Press Release - Work to improve Dunes to begin.


'Natural Resources Wales' held a public meeting confirming the trial felling plans in Newborough.


Public Awareness Meeting: " NEWBOROUGH FOREST - the FUTURE " held at Eglwys Bach, Newborough, to better inform the public about 'Natural Resources Wales' felling proposals for the Forest.
( see -
Summary of Controversies at Newborough )


From 01 April 2013, 'NATURAL RESOURCES WALES' have taken over the functions currently carried out by the Countryside Council for Wales and Forestry Commission Wales.


Update giving 'Current Scenario' regarding the proposed felling at Newborough Forest. ( see - Current Scenario - Sept 2012 )


Public Notice put in the local papers to inform the public about what could happen to Newborough Forest & to direct them to this website for further information.


Assessment of current Forest Management Plan clearance proposals produced & sent to: Albert Owen MP, Ieuan Wyn Jones AM ( see - Assessment NFMP )

28-02-2011 Copy of letter sent by Albert Owen MP to all those who have raised the issue of the proposed clear-felling of Newborough Forest ( see - AlbertOwenSupport )


A letter on behalf of everyone who has signed our petition has been sent to:
Albert Owen MP, Ieuan Wyn Jones AM/Deputy 1st Minister, & Gerry Quarrell - Head of Countryside Access and Sponsorship ( see - NFPG Public Opposition )


Newborough Forest Management Plan 2010-2015 published by FCW ( see - NFMP 2010-15 )

August 2010

Newborough News Issue 4 published by FCW providing some limited and misleading information.

A summary of the current situation :

In response to protests to the Welsh Assembly Government by the general public, and a lot of hard work by the Newborough Forest Protection Group, the CCW recommended clear felling due to start last autumn(2009) has been put on hold.

Also the CCW have been carrying out a review of the science behind their own recommendations. This has resulted in no significant change in their position, & as agreed, this matter is now being referred to an independent arbitration panel which will consider the disputed issues - see below for further details.

However this does not address the failure by the CCW to 'take account of economic, social and cultural requirements and regional and local characteristics', an essential requirement of the EU Habitats Directive (see - What is the EU Habitats Directive).

Neither does it consider the impact of Red Band Needle Blight on the forest. This disease will reduce the available food supply for the Red Squirrels, & the associated thinning will reduce the available food supply even further.

The Forestry Commission Wales and the Countryside Council for Wales claim that they are fully committed to engaging with and informing the public. So far, very little consultation has in fact taken place.

Over the same period, we have consulted many thousands of Forest visitors, whose views are fairly represented on this website.

Currently 'Forestry Commission Wales' are working to the following schedule:  

See - Forestry Commission   Newborough Forest - process statement
See also -
Forestry Commission - Newborough Forest -  Process Timeline 2009

( For further information, see - Forestry Commission - Management plan development )

More details on the scientific review :

A review of the science underpinning this site is currently taking place. A series of meetings are being held between 'Countryside Council for Wales' (CCW) experts and experts from the 'Newborough Liaison Partnership Group'. The Forestry Commission Wales (FCW) are attending as observers. The aim of the review is to achieve agreement on the science between all parties. The Science Review will conclude with what is agreed and disagreed. Disagreements will then have to go to independent scientific and Habitat Directive interpretation review.

Finally the review will conclude what the condition of the dune habitats really is and whether there are grounds for CCW's mantra that the forest must be removed to meet the requirements of the Habitats Directive.

Only after agreement is reached on these issues can a proper forest design plan be drawn up by FCW taking all these factors into account. This would be a draft that needs to be presented to the public at large for consultation to take place. It is not yet clear what form this consultation will take, or over what period, although it may be very short.

Ultimately it is FCWs responsibility to produce the Forest Design Plan, which is compliant with the relevant legislation, based in part on the advice of CCW. FCW say they will try as far as possible to ensure that the views of the Newborough Forest Partnership and wider public are reflected in the FDP.