Summary of our 'Public Awareness Meeting'
held on Sept 5th 2013

The main points raised by the three speakers (Emlyn Parry- Williams local resident; Craig Shuttleworth,
Red Squirrel Project manager; Ian Miller, coastal marine scientist) and the audience were:

a. failure by WG/NRW to follow the agree process on the science review
b. failure by WG/NRW to implement certain parts of the forest management plan, for example lack of under-planting in
    areas of the forest agreed upon, and the failure to complete the Red Squirrel Plan, overdue by over 2 years.
c. failure by WG/NRW to justify the “pilot” fellings on map 2 for this winter
d. failure by WG/NRW to consult with local people.  The NLP had not met since 2011
e. failure by WG/NRW to ensure economic benefits of the forest/beach flowed to the local community. (employment,
    income from the £3 car parking fee, etc)

The following two resolutions were passed with a large majority.

First resolution
“ Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government must:
1. implement the promised independent arbitration on the Newborough forest science review and
2. publicly justify and consult with the local community on any plans they have for permanent removal of trees in Newborough forest”

Second resolution
“ Measures must be taken by Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government to ensure that Newborough Forest yields greater economic benefits to the local community”

The meeting was attended by Albert Owen and Rhun ap Iorwerth.  It was also attended by about 130 people.

This Letter received via Rhun Ap Iowerth AM explaining the Welsh Governments position in October 2013