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Sponsored by: Friends of the Anglesey Red Squirrels

We the undersigned wish to register our strong objection to the demands of the Countryside Council for Wales for massive tree felling to take place in Coed Niwbwrch/Newborough Forest on Ynys Mon/the Isle of Anglesey. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty with a unique link between coastline and forest. These proposals should be shelved permanently so that Newborough Forest, held in trust for the people by the Welsh Assembly, can be enjoyed by future generations.


We signed the "Save Newborough Forest" petition!
# 1050:
Jan 30, 2010, Stephen Groom, United Kingdom
I am concerned about the plans for massive tee felling, I understand that some control of the forest is required to promote new growth, but this seems excessive and not for new growth purposes, in addition I am concerned about the effect on a red squirrel population which has already suffered due to squirrel pox
# 1049:
Jan 26, 2010, Roseanne Falconer, United Kingdom
# 1048:
Jan 25, 2010, Pat Atkins, United Kingdom
The red squirrels were featured on Countryfile, BBC TV, recently. Everything should be done to protect them and nothing to threaten them.
# 1047:
Jan 25, 2010, Peter Morgan, United Kingdom
A scandal this must stop. I cycle in this forest it is one of the nicest places in Wales / UK. Can someone please show some common sense
# 1046:
Jan 23, 2010, Paula D, Pennsylvania
I will ban visiting this area until something is done!
# 1045:
Jan 21, 2010, Koehl Willy, France

 # 1044:
Jan 14, 2010, Martin Mackenzie, United Kingdom
I support this cause 100%: the Forest and wildlife should be sacred.Surely the Countryside Council has more about them than to destroy this amazing area in favour of man-made nonsense? I visit this area regularly with my family but will not return if the Council fail to see sense!
# 1043:
Jan 13, 2010, Majella Hunston, Ireland
# 1042:
Jan 12, 2010, Anonymous, United Kingdom
I realise that sand dunes are also an important habitat. However, in this case, the forest supports highly endangered red squirrels and much time, effort and considerable funds have been ploughed into their reintroduction. This is vital work and must not be stopped. Forest is also the natural habitat of Britain and I believe reforestation in Britain is not being maximised as much as it should be. There are no legal grounds for dunes to be favoured over forest in this case and I would urge you to reconsider. Thank you.
# 1041:
Jan 12, 2010, Adriana Readinger, Venezuela
# 1040:
Jan 11, 2010, Sarah Luchetta, California
# 1039:
Dec 30, 2009, Alan Hughes, United Kingdom
# 1038:
Dec 19, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
I think they should leave well alone! They get their wages & go home at the end of the day whatever they do - but the wildlife & birds ect need the forest to live in. Maybe they should ask the local people and get them involved in looking after it as a project to protect it instead This would benafit people,animls and forest :)
# 1037:
Dec 14, 2009, Darren Tortoise Protection, United Kingdom
# 1036:
Dec 11, 2009, Luis Eduardo Zuniga Moreno, Ecuador
# 1035:
Dec 9, 2009, Stephen M. Bastow, United Kingdom
Far too many forests around the world have been needlessly felled already,by some who should know better, destroying the planet's lungs! Don't let this be yet another!
# 1034:
Dec 8, 2009, Leslie Powell, Mississippi
# 1033:
Dec 6, 2009, Ross Sheldan, Canada
# 1032:
Dec 4, 2009, John Haime, United Kingdom
A great place for both us and wildlife. It should be left untouched.
# 1031:
Dec 4, 2009, Gail Dair, Australia
# 1030:
Dec 1, 2009, George Harrison, United Kingdom
The dune system at Newborough was deliberately stabalised with trees and grasses in order to stop errosion and to keep the sand and sea out of the village. Are the CCW going to compensate the Newborough villagers when the sea washes up to their doors? Hevent we got enough problems with costal erosion and floodin already?!
# 1029:
Nov 30, 2009, Nia Jones, United Kingdom
I personally enjoy the forest to go jogging, to enjoy walking with the children. We enjoy our walks through the forest at all times of the year.The children get to see the varied wildlife and enjoy seeing new things each time. I think by chopping the tree's it will be a disaster to neborough and to the people who use the forest.
# 1028:
Nov 30, 2009, Robert Haime, United Kingdom
There has bee a considerable amount of erosion of the beach, dunes and forest at Newborough over the last twenty years or so. One of the saving graces or this area is the forest - without that being there the erosion would be very much worse. This is a CRAZY idea, there is still a large area of dunes towards the Meni Straights - the forest should be left alone
# 1027:
Nov 28, 2009, James Bear That Dances, Canada
# 1026:
Nov 26, 2009, Evangelia Manthoyianni, Greece
# 1025:
Nov 21, 2009, Owen Phillips, United Kingdom
# 1024:
Nov 14, 2009, Janice Sturdy, United Kingdom
# 1023:
Nov 13, 2009, Andrew Hemmings, United Kingdom
I live locally to Newborough and visit it regular. The forest should not be cut down to return part of it to sand dunes. Keep the forest, it was planted originally to protect inland villages and prevent sand drift. save the forest please!
# 1022:
Nov 9, 2009, Michael H Benton, United Kingdom
Yet another case of 'we know best so to hell with you' government by unelected bureaucrats.
# 1021:
Nov 7, 2009, Michael John Gilbert, United Kingdom
It 'beggars belief' that trees are being cut down because of some supposed European legislation on a Special Area of Conservation when the trees and area were there before any thought of joining Europe or or identification as an environmental area. I have been running, orienteering, mountain biking and introducing my children over the last 18 years in what I describe as 'Shangrila'. CCW, Welsh Assembly Government should advise Europe no the impact on the existing environment would be disastorous. There are few areas in the UK which are like Newborough, Formby in England is close and Culbin Sands in Scotland. The proposal to destroy a unique area which is allows people to relax away from the stresses of life far outways the pseudo benefits dreamed up by Europe, CCW and the Welsh Assembly Government.
# 1019:
Nov 6, 2009, J.A. Owen, United Kingdom
# 1018:
Nov 6, 2009, Esther Brennan, United Kingdom
clearly any forested area in a minority landscape of the british isles. we have vast areas of conurbation . please stop the undermining of work well done by humanity. the reintroductionn of flora and fauna and wildlife particularly the red squirrel. leave good alone. sand dunes will attract very little in terms of people enjoying and benefitting from trees and woodland. they'll end up as littered barren desolate places. this country needs greeness and trees . please stop.
# 1017:
Nov 5, 2009, Pamela Hughes, United Kingdom
Change is not always progress. Instead of using this as an excuse for scientific research please value what already exists...and treasure it
# 1016:
Nov 5, 2009, Patricia Jones, United Kingdom
# 1015:
Nov 5, 2009, Carl Rosenstock, Wisconsin
# 1014:
Nov 4, 2009, S Gould, United Kingdom
# 1013:
Nov 4, 2009, Esmond Harris, United Kingdom
This would be a disaser. Newborough Forest was planted originally to prevent the moving sand dunes inundating the adjacent farmland and will do so again if the forest is cleared.Newborough Warrren is a 2200 hectare National Nautue Reserve and the adjecent 600 hectare forest is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. This status should not be overiden by the Countryside Council for Wales.Ratcliffe's A Nature Conservation Review states that "560 species of flowering plants (are) recorded, many of which have been introduced by forestry activities..." within Newborough Forest. Of the 2200 hectares of  the Newborough Warren Grade 1 site, only 600 adjacent hectares are coniferous woodland and yet The Countryside Council for Wales wants to clear 40% of this despite its protected status. This cannot be justified in view of the remarkable come back of the red squirrel in Newborough forest and all the other nature conservation interest there which are different from those on the much more extensive adjacent Newborough Warrren
# 1012:
Nov 3, 2009, Richard Addison, United Kingdom
How many dune forests exist in the uk?Apart from Newborough I can only think of Culbin and Pembrey.This is 'ecology' gone mad if you carry out even part of your plans.Clocaonog Forest,so 'natural' it could also be in northern sweden,also threatened though for different reasons.What is the welsh assembly government playing at? Absolutely,definitely leave Newborough alone!
# 1011:
Nov 3, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 1010:
Nov 3, 2009, Natalie Ebanks, United Kingdom
I have lived in Newborough most of my life and the thought of the 40% of the forest being felled is heart breaking. Already a large number of trees have gone and to be honest I think this is a disgrace. The CCW didn't ask the local community for their opinions on this matter and I feel like they do not actually care about what is best for the environment. They say that they will save 100's of species living in the sand dunes etc but what about the Red Squirrel conservation program? It has been a success, and felling 40% of the forest could erase all the hard work that has been done to increase the numbers of a species' which was so close to extinction. I really do not understand the CCW's logic on this matter.
# 1009:
Nov 3, 2009, Anisha Son, California
# 1008:
Nov 2, 2009, Mike Hesketh, United Kingdom
What a pointless and expensive exercise. Cutting down 40% of the forest will disturb a well established habitat for the red squirrels, ravens and all the other fauna and flora found in this 60 year old forest. We should be encouraging more forest on Anglesey to give greater wildlife diversity. Destroying one habitat to preserve another is wrong in this case. The wet slack areas should be allowed to evolve as climate change is almost certainly lowering the water table in the dune system and cutting down 40% of the forest could prove to be a very costly mistake.
# 1007:
Nov 2, 2009, Susan Hesketh, United Kingdom
Cant understand the reasoning (if there is any) for destroying such a large area of this unique forest. It provides a much used leisure facility and wonderful wildlife habitats.
# 1006:
Nov 2, 2009, RICHARD WALES, United Kingdom
# 1005:
Nov 2, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 1004:
Nov 1, 2009, Marc Grawunder, Germany
# 1003:
Nov 1, 2009, AUREA ABRANTES, United Kingdom
# 1002:
Nov 1, 2009, Deborah Thompson, United Kingdom
# 1001:
Nov 1, 2009, Richard Thompson, United Kingdom
This is a beautiful part of wales that has had us return on many occasions. The forest should not felled to help promote the sand dunes growth, the trees are actually protecting the land from natural erosion and should be left alone.
# 1000:
Nov 1, 2009, Sue Durber, United Kingdom

# 999:
Nov 1, 2009, Philip Hayward, United Kingdom
It has taken 60 years for the forest to grow. creating many varied habitats for the wildlife.If you want sand dunes let it happen through natural erosion.This could take another 50 years.OR NOT AT ALL.

# 998:
Nov 1, 2009, JOHN STANLEY, United Kingdom
MY wife and I often drive the two & a half hour journey to walk in the forest as we think the whole atmosphere is worth it.We were there on 31st October and couldn't believe what is proposed.

# 997:
Nov 1, 2009, Hannah Jones, United Kingdom
Havent they got more important things to spend their money on !!!! It is unbelieveable, what is the point?! LEAVE THE FORESTRY AS IT IS , LET THE ANIMALS KEEP THEIR HOMES AND LIVES !!!!
# 996:
Oct 31, 2009, Colin Roberts, United Kingdom
Very sad to read the CCW proposal. Rain or shine, the forest has provided me with much woodland enjoyment. I want my children to continue experiencing it too. Transparency please!
# 995:
Oct 30, 2009, David Rigby, United Kingdom
It is very wrong to fell the trees taking the red squirrel habitat away from them and adding to the global warming by removing the trees, supporting carbon neutral projects is the way forward
# 994:
Oct 30, 2009, David Smith, United Kingdom
I find it ever more annoyinging that bureauocrats completely ignor other peoples views on subjects & go ahead with what they want.
# 993:
Oct 30, 2009, Garry Ferguson, United Kingdom
I can only agree with other comments like ......The red squirrel is an endangered species in the UK and politicians have a duty to ensure its survival not destroy its habitat and cause the death of many individuals!
# 992:
Oct 30, 2009, Jan Smith, United Kingdom
We are losing too much natural habitat as a nation - we can't afford to lose 600 acres of Newborough Forest! This is one of the few last bastions for our NATIVE wildlife, the red squirrel - please don't let's lose it.
# 991:
Oct 29, 2009, Johanna Willi, United Kingdom
# 990:
Oct 28, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 989:
Oct 27, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
There is too much important natural heritage existing on this site to allow the proposed felling to go ahead. It just doesn't make sense.
# 988:
Oct 26, 2009, Stuart Hindley, United Kingdom
Please do not destroy the one large open access forest area on Anglesey. It is used and loved by thousands of locals and visitors. Newborough warren and the west coast of Anglesey already has many square miles of sand dune habitat.
# 987:
Oct 26, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 986:
Oct 26, 2009, Judi Dunn, United Kingdom
It amazes and saddens me that with Uk wildlife in such a critical condition there appears not to be a holistic approach to saving species but a piecemeal, chaotic and ultimately destructive view. Please re-think this dune policy.
# 985:
Oct 24, 2009, Pauline Jones, United Kingdom
# 984:
Oct 23, 2009, MEINIR ROBERTS, United Kingdom
# 983:
Oct 23, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 982:
Oct 23, 2009, Ash Cairns, United Kingdom
# 981:
Oct 23, 2009, Carrie Wilson, Oregon
# 980:
Oct 22, 2009, Matt Brady, Australia
# 979:
Oct 21, 2009, Victoria McNamara, United Kingdom
# 978:
Oct 21, 2009, Shona Meyer-Gleaves, Australia
We should be doing all that we can to save what little is left of our forests.
# 977:
Oct 20, 2009, Jaki Mann, United Kingdom
Disgraceful - we should protect these woodlands and plant more trees not clear them!
# 976:
Oct 20, 2009, Jo Cairns, United Kingdom
What on earth are you thinking? This is another example of councils riding rough-shod over public opinion. You should be doing all you can to protect the wildlife in this area and preserve the ever decreasing forests we have left. If anything, you should be planting more trees!
# 975:
Oct 20, 2009, Stephanie Johnstone, United Kingdom
The red squirrel is an endangered species in the UK and politicians have a duty to ensure its survival not destroy its habitat and cause the death of many individuals!
# 974:
Oct 20, 2009, Sue Harris, United Kingdom
# 973:
Oct 20, 2009, Peter Harris, United Kingdom
What a shabby piece of thinking in these days of environmenmtal change we need to protect the natural habitat and particularly the Forest!!
# 972:
Oct 18, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
I feel as well as the impact on the wildlife and fauna,flora haven't we got enough deserts on this planet and with the climate the way it seems to be heading we should be planting more trees not cutting them down leave mother nature to do what she knows best knock some houses down instead what a greedy animal the human race is.
# 971:
Oct 18, 2009, Gareth Davies, United Kingdom
Newborough Forest is a place full of wildlife and a wonderful place for people to relax amongst the beauty of creation. Why fell treees when we are all hearing about the dangers of emissions?! The boring deadness of sand dunes provides no benefit at all.
# 970:
Oct 18, 2009, William George Goodfellow, United Kingdom
# 969:
Oct 18, 2009, Laura Goodfellow, United Kingdom
I have been walking in Newborough forest today and was lucky enough to see a red squirrel in the trees. How can this destruction be justified? Red squirrels are endangered throughout this country, surely the CCW for Wales should be doing everything they can to preserve its habitat not destroying it. Fine guardians of our countryside they are if they allow this to go ahead.
# 968:
Oct 17, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
For goodness sake more forest destruction is the last thing needed in these days of climate change. Sand dunes do nothing to improve our atmosphere...but trees that give habitat to native species will have dual purpose.
# 967:
Oct 16, 2009, Norma Murray, United Kingdom
It is a disgrace that the clear results of a public consultation exercise should be so blatantly ignored. Country-wide, groups are working hard to preserve our native species of squirrel, with strong popular support. The Countryside Council for Wales should be ashamed.
# 966:
Oct 15, 2009, Peter Dodd, United Kingdom
Beaurocracy gone mad. Are these EU people jealous of our success in preserving natural woodlands. Why turn it intp a desert? There are enough of those in the world, already.
# 965:
Oct 15, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 964:
Oct 15, 2009, Karen Pickles, United Kingdom
# 963:
Oct 15, 2009, James Downie, United Kingdom
# 962:
Oct 14, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 961:
Oct 14, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
I think that this is a very important step to help red squirrels survive in this part of the country
# 960:
Oct 14, 2009, John Massey, United Kingdom
Why do authorities ignore the wishes of the electorate. This is still a democracy and you work for us as our taxes pay your wages.
# 959:
Oct 14, 2009, Graeme Murray, United Kingdom
# 958:
Oct 14, 2009, Hollie Walker, United Kingdom
# 957:
Oct 14, 2009, Mel Tonkin, United Kingdom
Whilst understanding the Countryside Council for Wales's wish to restore Newburgh dunes back to its natural habitat, consideration needs to be given to the woodland's unique status in supporting perhaps the largest population of red squirrels in Wales. The groundbreaking work over many years by the Anglesey Red Squirrel Project in developing the strategies for
successful grey squirrel control on a wide scale for restoration of red squirrels, and the techniques for the reintroduction of a fragile species, needs to be continued and supported if all the many years of hard work are not to be wasted. More woodland habitat and habitat links are needed in Anglesey, so planting of new red squirrel habitat networks on the island should be undertaken and given time to mature before felling at Newborough should be considered.
# 956:
Oct 14, 2009, Eustace Collier, United Kingdom
# 955:
Oct 13, 2009, Elizabeth Baker, United Kingdom
# 954:
Oct 13, 2009, Christopher Moss, United Kingdom
my family and i visit newborough forest and the surrounding beaches on a regular basis,we thoroughly enjoy the peaceful walks within the forest itself taking note of the stunning flora and fauna all this would be a total trajedy if clear fell propersition were to go ahead. in my opinion the beaches are already beautiful and to expand this by creating mobile sand dunes would be another man made disaster that is definately not needed. my proposal is to let nature decide how the landscape should be sculptured and let natural errosion of the coastline take its due course.
# 953:
Oct 12, 2009, Jane Lawrence, United Kingdom
# 952:
Oct 12, 2009, Timothy Brown, United Kingdom
A beautiful natural area which supports a truly beautiful array of wildlife
# 951:
 Oct 12, 2009, Marco Durepos, Canada

# 950:
Oct 12, 2009, Annette Allcroft, United Kingdom
I have been visiting Newborough Forest for years with my family. If the planned clear felling takes place, it will be a tragedy for the natural world and for the visitors who love the forest.
# 949:
Oct 12, 2009, Camille Allcroft, United Kingdom
Losing even part of Newborough Forest would be a disaster for wildlife and for the people who adore the beauty of this amazing place. We need to save the environment, not destroy it!
# 948:
Oct 12, 2009, Lesley Wickens, United Kingdom
This appears a drastic solution to the problems of the sand dunes - Why should the dunes be more important than the forest in terms of conservancy and leisure facilities There ought to be another answer providing conservancy for both alongside each other
# 947:
Oct 12, 2009, Jenet Peers, United Kingdom
The forest as it stands is a far more diverse natural habitat than sand dunes will ever be. It's tax payers' money that's being spent without any regard for our wishes. What right has the CCW to dictate the rules?
# 946:
Oct 12, 2009, Oska Vant Hoff, Indonesia
# 945:
Oct 12, 2009, Neal Fricker, United Kingdom
# 944:
Oct 10, 2009, Judith Jeffries, United Kingdom
# 943:
Oct 9, 2009, George Fenton, United Kingdom
# 942:
Oct 9, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 941:
Oct 9, 2009, Ryan Callender, United Kingdom
# 940:
Oct 9, 2009, Sian Ward-Davies, United Kingdom
# 939:
Oct 8, 2009, Ruth Sanderson, United Kingdom
# 938:
Oct 8, 2009, Jane Sanderson, United Kingdom
# 937:
Oct 8, 2009, Patricia Sanderson, United Kingdom
# 936:
Oct 8, 2009, Delyth Owen, United Kingdom
# 935:
Oct 8, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 934:
Oct 7, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
The destruction of this site is unacceptable meaning as it will the removal of yet another safe haven for the native red squirrel.
# 933:
Oct 7, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 932:
Oct 7, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 931:
Oct 6, 2009, Hazel Gibson, United Kingdom
# 930:
Oct 6, 2009, Liz House, United Kingdom
This area is very special and one of the few places left that is unspoiled. Is it wise to interfere with nature? A lot of mistakes have been made when we think we're 'helping'....not to mention the loss of natural beauty.
# 929:
Oct 6, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 928:
Oct 6, 2009, Freddi Glossop, United Kingdom
# 927:
Oct 6, 2009, Ron Glossop, United Kingdom
# 926:
Oct 6, 2009, Ed Midmore, United Kingdom
I think that more reasearch needs to be carried out before drastic measures such as those proposed are carried out
# 925:
Oct 5, 2009, Lawrence Moores, United Kingdom
I am concerned by the apparent lack of respect for local community wishes by CCW in this case. I recognise that as an Englishman my wishes may not be top of the agenda in Wales, but Red Squirrel conservation is a transnational problem.... These beautiful British animals need every plot of viable forested land available.
# 924:
Oct 4, 2009, Forest Venkat, India
# 923:
Oct 4, 2009, Rochelle Stamper, United Kingdom
# 922:
Oct 4, 2009, Barry Stamper, United Kingdom
# 921:
Oct 4, 2009, Barbara Sandford, United Kingdom
Anglesey has been a favourite holiday destination for my family for years and we have always enjoyed visiting Newborogh forest. If the forest were reduced by as much as planned then we would most likely choose not to visit and spend our money elsewhere!
# 920:
Oct 4, 2009, Kimberley Sandford, United Kingdom
I have been a regular visitor to Newborough Forest for several years and Newborough Forest alone is a big reason why I take regular holidays to Anglesy. If the size of the forest were reduced by 40% as planned, this would severely impact my enjoyment of this beautiful place and I would be inclined to take my money elsewhere!
# 919:
Oct 3, 2009, Geoff Wise, United Kingdom
This area is of outsanding natural beauty and I think it will destablize the dune line and beach itself.
# 918:
Oct 2, 2009, Elin Jones, United Kingdom
its unbelieveable that this idea is even being considered especially considering the state of the population of the Red squirel. Sand dunes expand naturally and i dont see why it is neccesary to cut down so much of the forest in the first place.
# 917:
Oct 2, 2009, Łukasz Ziębicki, Poland
# 916:
Oct 1, 2009, William Dooley, United Kingdom
I went walking here with my partner and it is a beautiful mature forest with a wide variety of flora and fauna quite apart from the red squirrels. There are sand dunes there between the wonderful beach and the edge of the forest.And I wonder what will happen to the money from the sale of 100,000 sixty year old trees?
# 915:
Sep 29, 2009, David Thornton, United Kingdom

# 914:
Sep 29, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Newborough Forest is one of my favourite places and it would be such a shame for it to change. Growing up in Wales, I think it is important to protect area of natural beauty and not over develop.
# 913:
Sep 29, 2009, Jackie Williams, United Kingdom
# 912:
Sep 28, 2009, David Winckle, United Kingdom
Whilst I appreciate the erosion of the coastline is a major problem I would have thought that concerted growing of and replacing marram grass would be feasible proposition. We take all our visitors, both Uk and foreign and they all see the area as outstanding in every aspect.
# 911:
Sep 28, 2009, Pat Coniam, United Kingdom
# 910:
Sep 28, 2009, R Taylor, United Kingdom
The trees and marram grass were planted to prevent the erosion of dunes and preserve the coastline. This has been exceptionally successful . The area is now home to wonderful orchids and other wild flowers and the nesting ravens and red squirrel introduction will all be threatened by this plan. This is one of our favourite walks. The CCW are supposed to protect not demolish.
# 909:
Sep 27, 2009, Emmanuel Pouteau, United Kingdom
# 908:
Sep 26, 2009, John Green, United Kingdom
The loss of Red Squirrels in Great Britain is terrible, not only because of habitat loss as here, but also from squirrel pox which is dreadful. Formby Point squirrels have been hit very badly. Please do not let us lose one of the most beautiful wild creatures we have.
# 907:
Sep 26, 2009, E Price, United Kingdom
Where does one begin...? There are so many reasons not to cut these trees. Please just leave it alone.
# 906:
Sep 23, 2009, Alex Gasson, United Kingdom
I love walking around Newborough when I am in Wales - I would nate to see it reduced. Its a particularly good place to walk on a very windy wet day.
# 905:
Sep 22, 2009, Rachel Johnson, United Kingdom
# 904:
Sep 22, 2009, Mo Burn, United Kingdom
# 903:
Sep 21, 2009, Claire Louise Mcminimee, United Kingdom
The only bit of forest left on Anglesey.I go often with my horse to ride.Please leave it alone.

# 902:
Sep 21, 2009, Susan Whalley, United Kingdom
# 901:
 Sep 21, 2009, Ruth Rowles, United Kingdom
Please do not disturb the balance of seashore and woodland. It is just perfect for all outdoor activities and for the balance of flora and fauna.

# 900:
Sep 21, 2009, Naohisa French, Armed Forces Pacific
# 899:
Sep 21, 2009, Austin V. Matthews, United Kingdom
As a "Gog" , I am very keen that this petition is successful !
# 898:
Sep 21, 2009, Carol Leonard, United Kingdom
The forest has been at Newborough since 1948, over 60 years and the wildlife and flora/fauna is now well established. Many people from all walks of life get great pleasure from this area, walking dogs, taking the family for walks, horse riding, carraige driving, cycling, running and bird watching to name but a few. There are very few areas on Anglesey that are so unique and to remove and change this enviroment seems madness. Not only will a large part of the community suffer it will affect tourism as many people visit the area but also the creatures that now have been resident for these many years.
# 897:
Sep 21, 2009, Pen-llyn riding centre Pendlebury, United Kingdom
# 896:
Sep 21, 2009, Joanne Brack, United Kingdom
# 895:
Sep 21, 2009, Karen Stanton, United Kingdom
# 894:
Sep 21, 2009, Alan Williams, United Kingdom
# 893:
Sep 21, 2009, Susan Arney, United Kingdom
This peacefull place has a developed a natural balance between the dunes and forest - let it be.
# 892:
Sep 21, 2009, Jane Fedrick, United Kingdom
Firstly destruction cannot be seen to be right - life in the form of plant or mammal has got to be appreciated - don't do it. Newborough Forest is a beautiful area - perfect to help us step away from the crazy busy lives we lead.
# 891:
Sep 20, 2009, Beth Cowell, United Kingdom
It is my understanding that there are several agencies involved in the administration of Newborough Forest, the beaches and Ynys Llanddwyn. What is the position of the Forestry Commission and its leisure arm on what is ostensibly land under their jurisdiction? What CCW is proposing surely goes against the sustainibility and provision of leisure facilities facets of the Forestry Commission's remit.
# 890:
Sep 20, 2009, Denis Murphy, United Kingdom
It was with great disquiet that, on a visit to Newborougn last week,I learnt of the plans to demolish 40% of the forest: the rationale for this is way beyond me. We have been visiting Newborough for many years now and have had many great days out. Walking (and even jogging) in the wonderfully varied forest never fails to refresh us.
# 889:
Sep 20, 2009, Tracey Gray, United Kingdom
Why spoil such a beautiful area. This is the safest place to hack on Anglesey as ther is so few Bridle paths
# 888:
Sep 20, 2009, Richard Jones, United Kingdom
Stop the destruction.
# 887:
Sep 19, 2009, Hazel Walls, United Kingdom
There are so few trees on Anglesey as it is, it would be a sad day when you have to destroy those that we do have. It is also the only safe place to go hacking on the island, and the only place I can take my daughter riding as there are no bridle paths around the island and the roads are narrow and treacherous. Please do not destroy the forest.
# 886:
Sep 19, 2009, Michael George Rayner, United Kingdom
lets stop this vandilisam
# 885:
Sep 19, 2009, Richard Thompson, United Kingdom
# 884:
Sep 19, 2009, G Williams, United Kingdom
The forest was put there to stabilise the dunes take forest away and the dunes will be further in land before you know it. If you are going to interfere with nature make sure you know what you are doing LONGTERM. Also it is a fantastic enviroment for horserides, walking and leisure time. Leave well alone. This proposal is only going to line someones pocket somewhere.
# 883:
Sep 19, 2009, Amanda Newman, United Kingdom
Another hare brained scheme coming from unelected bureaucrats in the EU. Why should we even contemplate removing forest to save sand dunes. If the world desperately needs more forests to combat climate change this scheme is ludicrous and shocking. We have long campaigned to stop logging in the Amazon and other massive rain forests and yet a bunch of stupid bureaucrats seem to think it is okay to remove more woodland in the UK. We should be planting more woodlands to encourage the biodiversity of nature and provide habitats for some of our rare species which are struggling to survive.
# 882:
Sep 19, 2009, Margaret Llewelyn, United Kingdom
# 881:
Sep 19, 2009, Anonymous, Canada
# 880:
Sep 19, 2009, James Hanks, United Kingdom
# 879:
Sep 18, 2009, Tilly Kemp, United Kingdom
# 878:
Sep 18, 2009, Rebeca Parry, United Kingdom
# 877:
Sep 18, 2009, Margaret Marsh, United Kingdom
The forest is so peaceful for walking, whatever the weather or season and there's the added thrill of possibly seeing a red squirrel. The dunes can be harsh and very painful when it's windy.
# 876:
Sep 18, 2009, Gareth Dixon, United Kingdom
# 875:
Sep 18, 2009, Dafydd Edwards, United Kingdom
# 874:
Sep 18, 2009, Nick Utley, United Kingdom
save it!!!
# 873:
Sep 18, 2009, Linda Roberts, United Kingdom
one of the best places to go on anglesey for riding walking it will be a crime to disturb this forest!!!
# 872:
Sep 18, 2009, SHARO ROBERTS, United Kingdom
# 871:
Sep 18, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 870:
Sep 18, 2009, Anna Sen, United Kingdom
Not only will deforestation on this scale be a disaster for flora and fauna that have established themselves in the area over several decades, but the impact on recreation will be huge. There are areas within the proposed zone to be cleared that are very dear to me and many people that I know, and which we visit daily or weekly to walk our dogs or to get some much needed peace and wilderness to balance out our busy lives. I am about to have my first child and I would like to take my daughter to these places, but a lot of them will effectively disappear. This is highly distressing. As a scientist and biologist I am also not convinced that this action will actually be beneficial to the area; the disruption will e immense and some species may never recover. The clearance will also leave a lot more space vulnerable to abuse by human activities. I AM HIGHLY OPPOSEDTO THIS ACTION and I live in the village of Newborough - we as the villagers should have the final say in this decision!!!
# 869:
Sep 18, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 868:
Sep 18, 2009, Lesley McCann, United Kingdom
# 867:
Sep 18, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
I have ridden and walked in Newborough Forest for years - it would be a huge shame to have so much of it destroyed. Please leave it as it is.
# 866:
Sep 18, 2009, Michael Davies, United Kingdom
Gwyllum a Raven at the Tower of London is reported to have come from Newborough. We must protect this habitat and protect the ravens. Remember the legend - "at least six ravens must remain at the tower or both the Tower and the Monarchy will fall". The security of the nation is at stake.
# 865:
Sep 18, 2009, LISA JANE HEYEN, United Kingdom
# 864:
Sep 18, 2009, Elizabeth DOyland, United Kingdom
# 863:
Sep 18, 2009, Susan Bowes, United Kingdom
They will definitely be mobile sand dunes - the whole of the area will be one big sand bowl. Anglesey is decidedly lacking in trees why destroy what we have? I do not understand the reasoning behind this.
# 862:
Sep 18, 2009, Victoria Hughes, United Kingdom
Why destroy a ground breaking habitat for the newly introduced red squirrel and one of the most visited and loved places on the island. Utter Madness!!
# 861:
Sep 18, 2009, Carys Ellen Roberts, United Kingdom
I live on Anglesey and regularly ride in this magnificent forest. I have lived on Anglesey all my life and Newborough is one of my favourite places to be and to relax. It's not only home to the Red Squirrels, Ravens etc it also a place where you can watch them in their own habitat, and it's the only place that you can take your horse and ride in a safe environment off road. Please reconsider, and save our forest.
# 860:
Sep 17, 2009, Chris Harris, United Kingdom
Leave the bloody trees alone!!!
# 859:
Sep 17, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 858:
Sep 17, 2009, Paul Wiggins, Nevada
# 857:
Sep 16, 2009, Jeffrey Moss, United Kingdom
my wife and I have enjoyed the forest and fauna for many years and it should remain the sanctury that it is
# 856:
Sep 16, 2009, Stephanie McIvor, United Kingdom
# 855:
Sep 16, 2009, Thomas Ewing, United Kingdom
this would be a disaster for the local environment, with the potential rise in sea water the stability of the forest would curtail the encroachment and erosion of the sifting sand dunes if this was to happen. I have lived on this island for 60 years keep "brussels" out.
# 854:
Sep 15, 2009, Graham Hetherington, United Kingdom
More Government bureaucracy amd wasted money!
# 853:
Sep 14, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
While I expect there are reasons for sand dunes being important to some degree, I do not accept that they are important enough to embark upon a deforestation compaign. The world is in ecological turmoil and we need all the trees we can have to keep our climates, soils and water supplies intact. If global warming continues we will soon enough have sand dunes across lots of the world where we would sooner have trees. Please do not cut down the trees; apply to have the SAC re-evaluated alongside the importance of the red squirrel habitat and requirements of other woodland beasts.
# 852:
Sep 14, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 851:
Sep 14, 2009, Caron Jones, United Kingdom
Best of luck with your petition.
# 850:
Sep 14, 2009, Neil Wigley, United Kingdom
We already have superb sand dunes @ Aberffraw trust.
# 849:
Sep 13, 2009, Deborah Doig-evans, United Kingdom
A much needed habitat that would be a devastating loss.
# 848:
Sep 13, 2009, Peter Evans, United Kingdom
a qualified conservationist I fail to see the benefit of the loss of habitat.
# 847:
Sep 13, 2009, C Harmsworth, United Kingdom
# 846:
Sep 13, 2009, Doris Telles, California
# 845:
Sep 12, 2009, Margaret Scott, United Kingdom
Please consider the importance and the delight of having Red Squirrels, before taking this action..
# 844:
Sep 12, 2009, Thomas Williams, United Kingdom
I visit the forest quite often and would hate to see it ruined leave it alone please
# 843:
Sep 12, 2009, Carrie Maund, United Kingdom
As a local resident, I believe it should be up to the local people to decide the forest's fate rather than the CCW.
# 842:
Sep 12, 2009, Victoria Easton, United Kingdom
Victoria Easton
# 841:
Sep 12, 2009, Martin Bailey, United Kingdom
It is amazing that CCW think they can disregard all the input from the extensive public consultation, and just revert back to their original plans to massively deforest the dunes, on the site of the first/only red squirrel reintroduction in the UK!! We must fight this, and make them stick to their agreement to take into account the wishes of local people.
# 840:
Sep 12, 2009, Eli Is Here, Pennsylvania
# 839:
Sep 11, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 838:
Sep 11, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
There is no financial sense in funding a Red Squirrel Project with taxpayers money & then removing the trees where they live. QUANGOs & taxpayers should have a joined up life.
# 837:
Sep 10, 2009, Simon Jackson, United Kingdom
# 836:
Sep 10, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
My new favourite place, would be such a shame to destroy it.
# 835:
Sep 10, 2009, F A PRICE, United Kingdom
Newborough forest is an area of outstanding natural beauty. I appreciate that it is mostly man made, however, it is a place with much natural life both plant and animal. To destroy it would be a crime. Besides this, Newborough woodland is great place to take the kid(s). Wont somebody please consider the impact this will have on the generation of tomorrow? Its time to take responsibility for non - renewables, and in my eyes 20 years is too long to wait for new trees to grow. Please reconsider. I urge you.
# 834:
Sep 10, 2009, Michele Bucci, New Jersey
# 833:
Sep 9, 2009, Bryan Flinn, United Kingdom
More stipping of the land ! I know we can't bring back the great oak and elm groves ( Read Tacitus account of the Roman invasion of Anglesey.) that our ancestors had on Ynys Mon, but show an example by maintaining this modest woodland. It's not just the trees, the place teems with life.
# 832:
Sep 9, 2009, Russ & Mary Price, United Kingdom
LEAVE IT ALONE! There is too much deforestation going on in the world today without needlesly adding to it, just to get more sand and dunes. The original purpose of the trees, planted in 1947, was to keep the sand at bay from the village of Newborough. Another good reason for leaving it alone is that for every tree felled less oxygen is generated for sustaining life. We visit the forest on a fairly regular basis and enjoy walking the numerous footpaths, who thought up this crazy idea of destroying such a marvellous heritage.
# 831:
Sep 9, 2009, Gareth Jones, United Kingdom
Newborough Forest is an amazing place...long may it remain intact
# 830:
Sep 9, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
It would be rewarding to see on the front page of the Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald "Newborough Forest" project cancelled
# 829:
Sep 9, 2009, Anna Weston, United Kingdom
This is just simply crazy.......
# 828:
Sep 9, 2009, Rachel Wigley, United Kingdom
# 827:
Sep 8, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
These beautiful red squirrels must be preserverd - the grey ones are so threatening to the red species and spread so many diseases to the red squirrels.
# 826:
Sep 8, 2009, Carol Walton, United Kingdom
# 825:
Sep 8, 2009, Nick Weston, United Kingdom
We live on the Island and regularly walk and cycle in this magnificent forest. We have lived all over the world and Newborough is one of our favourite places to be and to relax. There is no shortage of sand and dunes.....it's an island after all. It makes no sense to destroy all the hard work done to erradicate the grey squirrel and to foster good sustainable habitat for the reds just to throw it all away now. The scale of this 'destruction' will be felt all over the forest. Please all write and make your feelings known about this half-baked idea !
# 824:
Sep 8, 2009, Charlotte Hill, United Kingdom
These plans will surely be devastating for the forest's wildlife. I have seen ravens, a fox and a buzzard just in the car park. I believe it would be disastrous for the red squirrels to lose such a large area of the forest, and to destroy so much of their habitat shows lack of commitment to their conservation. How can it make sense to destroy one habitat to preserve another? The forest is important to people too. It is a haven enjoyed by many, many people who would be sad to see it change so dramatically. We need more woodland like this - not less.
# 823:
Sep 8, 2009, Martin Bave, United Kingdom
# 822:
Sep 8, 2009, Alison Hunt, United Kingdom
For more impact, add a personal comment here We should be doing absolutely everything we can to conserve our endangered Red Suirrel population. Felling of vital red squirrel habitat constiutes a breach of the Biodiversity Duty under the NERC Act and would be illegal and immoral. felling would also contravene the UK's commitment to halting the loss of Biodiersity by 2010. I recognise that sand dunes are an important habitat but Red suirrels are only surviving on islands due to invasion of the non native Grey squirrel - this makes the Anlglesey population extremely important in the long term survival of Red suirrels in the UK.
# 821:
Sep 8, 2009, Robert Birnie, United Kingdom
# 820:
Sep 7, 2009, Rainey Black, Nevada
# 819:
Sep 7, 2009, Marcelas Guyler, United Kingdom
My wife and I lived for some 10 yrs on Angelsey and regularly enjoyed the forest it would be a travesty to loose the only significant woodland on the island.
# 818:
Sep 7, 2009, Robert Parry, United Kingdom
# 817:
Sep 7, 2009, Jayne Sanders, United Kingdom
This is a truly beautiful area of Wales and to see half of it destroyed would be such a shame! Please don't take away these rare animal's habitat!
# 816:
Sep 7, 2009, Charlotte Pepper, United Kingdom
# 815:
Sep 7, 2009, Sharon Jones, United Kingdom
Do we really need mobile sand dunes at the expense of losing 40% of forest area. This really needs re-thinking and a vote should be taken by local people especially who will have to live with the consequences of these actions.
# 814:
Sep 7, 2009, Ian Ashman, United Kingdom
# 813:
Sep 7, 2009, Martin Dewhurst, United Kingdom
Leave nature to do what she does best ... support life.
# 812:
Sep 7, 2009, Carol Armit, United Kingdom
# 811:
Sep 7, 2009, Christine Vernon-Riley, United Kingdom
It would be sacrilidge to vandalise and destroy this beautiful area of my homeland, Anglesey. I have been visiting this forest for 40 years. It should be protected for the benefit of the wildlife, environment, local residents and visitors to the island. These 'remote decision makers' wouldn't vote for this wanton destruction on THEIR OWN doorstep.
# 810:
Sep 7, 2009, MICHELE VONSTAICH, California
# 809:
Sep 6, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Please let the red squirrels continue to thrive by not chopping down their home.
# 808:
Sep 6, 2009, Shannon Loney, New Zealand
# 807:
Sep 6, 2009, JOAN BARTON, United Kingdom
# 806:
Sep 6, 2009, Peter Louis Gasson, United Kingdom
I was born and brought up in Anglesey - Newborough Forest is a very special place to me that I visit each time I go to Anglesey. It may be an aritificial forest but it gives the West coast of Anglesey a unique haven to flora and fauna in both windy and calm weather. Destroying the forest would be vandalism.
# 805:
Sep 6, 2009, Sarah Wild, United Kingdom
There are not enough red squirrels left in this country!!
# 804:
Sep 6, 2009, Barry Tetlow, United Kingdom
We are only just saving the red squirrels so why destroy their habitat. Why are we always following EU directives blindly, like zombis
# 803:
Sep 6, 2009, Tracey Williams, United Kingdom
# 802:
Sep 6, 2009, Helen Jones, Canada
I have walked through this forest many times on my way to visiting LLandwn Island, one of many favourite spots on Anglesey. I have visited the bird sanctuary and the bird blinds and I know it is not only home to red suirrels but many bird species also. Please do not cut these trees!
# 801:
 Sep 6, 2009, David Hughes, United Kingdom
A crazy idea!

# 800:
Sep 6, 2009, Alan Nield, United Kingdom
These undemoncratic, unelected, tax payer funded Quangos have far too much power. This act of vandalism must be prevented. Do Red Squirrels, Bee Orchids, walkers, runners, cyclists, horse riders etc. count for nothing. Its a time to boost the economic potential of Anglesey, not chop it down. If you want extensive sand hills, then just turn left at the car parks.
# 799:
Sep 6, 2009, Molly Gasson, United Kingdom
Crazy idea! Must be saved
# 798:
Sep 6, 2009, Dave Rogers, United Kingdom
# 797:
Sep 6, 2009, Paul Gasson, United Kingdom
In one of the least forested areas of Europe, any decision to fell parts of Newborough would be madness. It is one of only two areas of forest on Anglesey and a major recreational and educational resource. The edge of the dune area immediately adjacent to the forest is under water for much of the increasingly wet winters!
# 796:
Sep 6, 2009, Karl Lawrence, United Kingdom
Cutting down the forest to prevent the dune area drying out is a stupid idea. The forest paths for a large part of the year are flooded and there are loads of streams running through the place. Besides, there are already plenty of dunes on the west coast of Anglesey eg aberffraw and malltraeth areas. There is only one forest and it is home to the developing red squirrel population so dont cut it down!!!!!!!
# 795:
Sep 6, 2009, Hilary Ann Sellars, United Kingdom
# 794:
Sep 5, 2009, Barry Aelion, United Kingdom
Newborough Forest is a valuable tourist attraction, contributing to the Welsh economy, and is also one of the few remaining habitats available to the Red Squirrel. Surely, common sense dictates that we preserve these trees.
# 793:
Sep 5, 2009, Delia Hodgkinson, Netherlands
do NOT cut down newborough forest. not only because of the squirrels and other fauna, but because the people love it too! i walk there every year when i visit my family in paradwys.
# 792:
Sep 5, 2009, Richard Hughes, United Kingdom
On balance the red squirrel project is more important. By the way Wales isn't on the address drop down list.
# 791:
Sep 5, 2009, Noel Kennerley, United Kingdom
Please leave the Forest as it is, its a beautiful enviorenment that is much loved by most people who know it! I suspect this policy is fueled ny greed!
# 790:
Sep 5, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 789:
Sep 5, 2009, Lyn Huws, United Kingdom
# 788:
Sep 5, 2009, Rachel Sipp, Oregon
# 787:
Sep 5, 2009, John lee Boulton, United Kingdom
# 786:
Sep 5, 2009, ANITA BROWNSON, United Kingdom
# 785:
Sep 4, 2009, Simon Hill, United Kingdom
Wales already has a number of protected areas of dunes that more than satisfy the need to protect the habitat. Newborough Forest is a unique place and a vital lifeline for Red Squirrels. This is what needs protecting, not the sand dunes.
# 784:
Sep 4, 2009, John David Taylor, United Kingdom
Please leave it alone!
# 783:
Sep 4, 2009, Valerie Hodgkinson, United Kingdom
# 782:
Sep 4, 2009, Rowan Hodgkinson, United Kingdom
I have lived on Anglesey since I was 11 and have always enjoyed walking in Newborough forest, Anglesey needs more trees not less so to even consider reducing the number of trees in a beautiful and established forest is inconceivable. Without trees we would not be alive, sounds crazy but its true. CCW should change their name to CDW (countryside destruction of wales). Anglesey is mostly treeless, so why create more areas of treelessness?
# 781:
Sep 4, 2009, Anne Stansfield, United Kingdom
# 780:
Sep 4, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 779:
Sep 4, 2009, John Morris, United Kingdom
To hell with the EU.It's about time we stood up to these overpaid bureaucrats from Brussels(and absurdly Strasbourg)who want to dictate our lifestyles.Newborough is a jewel as it is-leave it alone.
# 778:
Sep 4, 2009, Gwyn Lewis, United Kingdom
I was led to believe that the whole point of devolution for Wales,of which I am a great supporter,was to bring democracy down to a more local,accountable level.Neither the European parliament sitting in Brussels or the WAG sitting in Cardiff, seem to be listening to the local objections.
# 777:
Sep 4, 2009, Paula Boulton, United Kingdom
# 776:
Sep 4, 2009, Gill Parry, United Kingdom
# 775:
Sep 3, 2009, Janet Cooke, United Kingdom
# 774:
Sep 3, 2009, William Parry, United Kingdom
This forest is a unique asset for Anglesey residents and toursits alike. We have plenty of examples of sand dunes running much of the way from Aberffraw to Rhosneigr. Woodland communities and all the diversity they bring are however a rare treat. Clear felling to this extent is irresponsible.
# 773:
Sep 3, 2009, Craig Harrison, United Kingdom
I visit Newborough Forrest often. I would not want to see the Forrest destroyed, and turned to sand. This is a really stupid idea
# 772:
Sep 3, 2009, Coral Smith, United Kingdom
Newborough forest is beautiful and should be left as it is. If it is draining the life out of the dunes then this is nature doing. Cutting down a forest is man doing and should be stopped
# 771:
Sep 3, 2009, Pam Parry, United Kingdom
Molly loves the forest!!
# 770:
Sep 3, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Can the planet afford to lose any more trees?
# 769:
Sep 3, 2009, Colin Woods, United Kingdom
It is strange indeed that the Countryside Council for Wales should wish to clear some 40% of Newborough Forest when conservationists all over the world are urging us to plant more trees.
# 768:
Sep 3, 2009, John C Richardson, United Kingdom
I think that the Red Squirrel project is very important.Not only would the present proposals have a detrimental effect on this but would also destroy large numbers of Pyramidal orchids and Dune Heleborines not to mention the Round leafed Wintergreen (Pyrola rotundifolia)
# 767:
Sep 3, 2009, Tiffany Light, Pennsylvania
# 766:
Sep 2, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 765:
Sep 2, 2009, Ron Griffiths, United Kingdom
I am appalled at this suggested action having spent many happy hours over the years walking in this forest with my children and nurturing their interest in our beautiful countryside and wildlife. I now have grandsons and want them to experience it as they grow up too, but not as a mere shadow of its former self. We should be planting more trees there instead. I have to ask myself - what's really the motive for even thinking about this?
# 764:
Sep 2, 2009, Nia Parry, United Kingdom
I like to take my dog Moli every weekend to Llanddwyn
# 763:
Sep 2, 2009, John Whitelegg, United Kingdom
much rather walk amongst trees than along sand dunes.
# 762:
Sep 2, 2009, Gwynn Humphreys, United Kingdom
We need trees not sand!! Life not silica!!!! NO NO NO NO to Mobile sand dunes. May I just ad lib a little here - THE COUNTRYSIDE COUNCIL FOR WALES WANT TO CLEAR-FELL 600 ACRES OR 40% OF THE FOREST WITH THE INTENTION OF CREATING a desert!!!
# 761:
Sep 2, 2009, Gwyndaf Parry, United Kingdom
I look forward every weekend to walk my dog called Rolo at Newborough Forest
# 760:
Sep 2, 2009, Chris Stocks, United Kingdom
# 759:
Sep 2, 2009, Ian Stott, United Kingdom
My family and I have enjoyed the forest for many years and consider that this is a key feature of outstanding beauty for Newborough. It's loss would significantly reduce the attraction of the area.
# 758:
Sep 2, 2009, Gemma Hughes, United Kingdom
Mobile sand dunes? How can anyone even consider doing this to such a beautiful area of land! Just leave it alone! Newborough forest is the home to these animals and is such a beautiful area - think about what will be destroyed before doing this.
# 757:
Sep 2, 2009, Rory King, United Kingdom
We need to preserve this habitat, not destroy it.
# 756:
Sep 1, 2009, Duncan Goodall, United Kingdom
Woodlands such as the Newborough Forest are the home to a wide variety of wild life, which is in complete contrast to barren sand dunes. Can red squirrels live in sand?
# 755:
Sep 1, 2009, Oliver Driver, United Kingdom
It would be tragic to loose such a beautiful area.
# 754:
Sep 1, 2009, Chris Phillips, United Kingdom
# 753:
Sep 1, 2009, Steve Phillips, United Kingdom
I would like to add my name to the petition, the forest is a haven for wildlife, and a fantastic area that should be conserved, not felled.
# 752:
Sep 1, 2009, PAUL GALLAGHER, United Kingdom
# 751:
 Sep 1, 2009, Sue Beal Beal, United Kingdom
we need to protect not destroy

# 750:
Aug 31, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Consider please the total 'Carbon Footprint' of the energy consumption involved in the cutting and extraction of timber and removal of tree stumps against the carbon storage capacity of the successfully established forest. The benefits to mankind of keeping the forest far outweigh the benefits of 'mobile sandunes' ! Reconsider the whole picture in a wider historical and social perspective please.
# 749:
Aug 31, 2009, Kathy Thomas, United Kingdom
# 748:
Aug 31, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
We spent a fantastic day at Newborough. One of the attractions is the forest area. They should be planting more not clearing.
# 747:
Aug 31, 2009, Nicola Hagerty, United Kingdom
the forest is a beautiful place,too many animals depend on this forest to survive. i have spent years visiting there with my friends and family and cannot think of a better place to go and enjoy the beauty anglesey has to offer. pulling it down will ruin the area and affect the popularity it has with many people and tourist which the island depends on.
# 746:
Aug 31, 2009, Robert Benson, United Kingdom
# 745:
Aug 31, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
There are enough sandy beaches in the area without destroying more trees and taking animal habit away.
# 744:
Aug 31, 2009, Christine Bowler, United Kingdom
Save our forest.
# 743:
Aug 31, 2009, Tony Mercer, United Kingdom
I did a lot of ornithological research in Newborough Forest during the 1960's - with studies of tit populations, Herring Gulls, and a five year study of over 50 pairs of Oystercatchers nesting in the dune slacks, all of which I individually colour ringed and which provided very valuable data for a wider study of Oystercatcher populations we were studying in the Fisheries Research Branch of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. I would be sad to see this area allowed to become a virtual desert once more - both from the richn ess of the fauna and flora currently there, and also for all the massive effort put into creating the forest by the Forestry Commission working at times against almost impossible odds.
# 742:
Aug 31, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 741:
Aug 31, 2009, Jessica Milton-Lawrence, United Kingdom
please don't cut down our trees.
# 740:
Aug 31, 2009, Eric Street, United Kingdom
# 739:
Aug 31, 2009, Rosemary Hadcock, United Kingdom
This forest is a great asset for Anglesey and the local community and should be protected.
# 738:
Aug 31, 2009, Christine Jackson, United Kingdom
the forest is beautiful and the red squirrels are thriving but not for much longer if they start to demolish the trees
# 737:
Aug 31, 2009, Darren Nesbitt, United Kingdom
Have loved this forest for over 20 years. Leave it be!
# 736:
Aug 31, 2009, David Welch, United Kingdom
# 735:
Aug 31, 2009, John Macfarlane, United Kingdom
This is one of the nicest and most beautiful place ive visited.....to cut down 40% would be shear madness!!!!
# 734:
Aug 31, 2009, Alison Hales, United Kingdom
Please rethink this plan - a more considerate felling plan will have benefits for wildlife, the local community, tourism and give good pr to the countryside council.
# 733:
Aug 31, 2009, David Lynes, United Kingdom
Why? Anglesey is slowly increasing it's red squirrel populationl, and Newborough Forest is known nationally for its raven population. Stupidity.
# 732:
Aug 30, 2009, Robert Williams, United Kingdom
You will destroy a beatiful nature reserve and will drive away tourism. If you have a genuine concern keep your chainsaws out and build a community centre for the people in the village - don't wreck the forest.
# 731:
Aug 30, 2009, Suzy Paylor, United Kingdom
Leave it to be beautiful!!!
# 730:
Aug 30, 2009, Joseph Redfern, United Kingdom
# 729:
Aug 30, 2009, Carl Thomas, United Kingdom
Don't do it!!! the SSSI should cover the forest area also
# 728:
Aug 30, 2009, Kerry Macfarlane, United Kingdom
Please do not destroy such a lovely beautiful nature reserve. After a recent trip with our family it was a pure delight to explore the forest - to find butterflies, grass hoppers and dragonflies. It is shocking that this destruction might happen.
# 727:
Aug 30, 2009, Rhea Ramji, India
There's no reason or justification good enough to cut a single tree...let alone destroy an entire forest eco system. Its shocking that such an idea can even be floated in this day and age without the author being lynched!!! At Junglemantra we have spent the last 5 years reforesting and protecting 32 acres of land...please don't waste all the good work being done globally.
# 726:
Aug 30, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
We have plenty of sand dunes in Britain but not many red squirrels and the same could be said for raven's. It makes me think someone wants to make money from the felled trees!
# 725:
Aug 30, 2009, Kieran Walsh, United Kingdom
I enjoy going for walks with my nanny's dog Mot in the forest. Sand dunes are just so boring. They are just sand and do nothing. While in the forest there are all sorts of activities going on with the trees, bushes and animals. Kieran aged 10
# 724:
Aug 30, 2009, Joanne Walsh, United Kingdom
I reiterate all that has been written here. An area of outstanding beauty, a lovely area for recreation and a wildlife haven. Remember this planet belongs to none of us. We are guardians of the planet for our future human beings. I urge you to reconsider.
# 723:
Aug 30, 2009, Joyce Nesbitt, United Kingdom
Unbelievable. Don't destroy our forest! My family love going there. As other people have said what about the red squirrels and other wildlife. NO NO NO!!!!
# 722:
Aug 30, 2009, Wendy Pogson, United Kingdom
# 721:
Aug 29, 2009, Ifon wyn Rowlands, United Kingdom
not only the red squirrel,ravens will suffer it is an important winter habitat for woodcock which migrate here in november and as there are concerns for woodcock removing 40% of the trees is a disgrace. ccw seem to be on a different planet we are told to plant more trees to reduce co2 not cut them down....also why do the ccw restrict everyone from the dunes or beach when they let the film crews in ....money talks.....lets stand our ground and fight the buggers on the dunes,on the beach and in the forrest please...direct action required...
# 720:
Aug 29, 2009, Diane Deakins, United Kingdom
# 719:
Aug 29, 2009, Julian Driver, United Kingdom
At least 2 pairs of Buzzards have regular nest sites within the zone designated for clear-felling and it is also an important feeding area for Crossbills which probably nest. Both species would be affected by the proposed felling. Over many years these woods have also developed a unique flora with many rare plants and fungi.
# 718:
Aug 29, 2009, Dorothy Shearer, United Kingdom
# 717:
Aug 29, 2009, Peter Dunning, United Kingdom
Newborough Forest has been a peaceful haven for wildlife for as long as I can remember. Please leave it alone!
# 716:
Aug 29, 2009, Anne Pugh, United Kingdom
Surely a compromise arrangement can be reached re dunes v exisiting habitat.
# 715:
Aug 29, 2009, Pat Mellish, United Kingdom
I expect CCW to behave more responsibly than this...... They should be protecting and trying to enhance this environment
# 714:
Aug 29, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 713:
Aug 29, 2009, Vanessa Garvy, Illinois
# 712:
Aug 28, 2009, Robert A P Napier, United Kingdom
Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing? Here is a ground breaking red squirrel re-introduction project, presumably backed by all the responsible authorities, and now one of these proposes to jeopardise this project by destrroying much of the forest habitat for the said red squirrels - all in the name of the environment!!!!
# 711:
Aug 28, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 710:
Aug 28, 2009, Alan Hunt, United Kingdom
# 709:
Aug 28, 2009, DAVID BOWER, United Kingdom
# 708:
Aug 28, 2009, Joanne Both, Germany
# 707:
Aug 28, 2009, Malcolm Thorogood, United Kingdom
I feel it is extremely important to protect the habitat of the red squirrels. There are so few of them nationally we should be giving them priority.
# 706:
Aug 28, 2009, Christine Kirwan, United Kingdom
I cannot believe that the CCW want to carry out such a wanton action, to the detriment of the woodland, birds, and particularly the rare and endangered red squirrel. I most strongly urge them to reconsider this irresponsible action.
# 705:
Aug 28, 2009, Andrew Gibbs, California
# 704:
Aug 28, 2009, Hattie Pleasant, United Kingdom
Please save the forest we have visited so many times and I would love to gallop through it on my horse one day. SAVE NEWBOROUGH FOREST!!!!!
# 703:
Aug 28, 2009, June Milburn, United Kingdom
So much of our countryside is being lost, we need to save Newborough Forest for future generations in order for them to visit this wonderful unique place.
# 702:
Aug 28, 2009, Jack Pleasant, United Kingdom
# 701:
 Aug 28, 2009, C Jones, United Kingdom
Please carefully reconsider these plans. It would be a travesty to lose so much of the valuable Newborough forest, not only on biodiversity grounds. Why even consider ruining such a beautiful and important natural site?

# 700:
Aug 28, 2009, Eva Read, United Kingdom
I have visited Newborough many times - it's beautiful. Let's keep it exactly as it is.
# 699:
Aug 28, 2009, Pauline Walker, United Kingdom
I visited Newborough Forest when on holiday on Angelsey it was incredible,and should be left for all to enjoy.
# 698:
Aug 28, 2009, Susan Gibbs, United Kingdom
I strongly oppose the plans to reduce the size of the forest.We spend a lot of pleasure time at Newborough forest as I know a lot of other people do too. Surely the council can find better ways to spend the money that this project will cost .A needless waste of money !!!!!!
# 697:
Aug 28, 2009, Isobel Joy Davies, United Kingdom
This is a disgrace! When the government last aborted plans to ravage the beatifull haven which is Newborough forest, they promised that they would not considder such a scheme again. If they would so casually turn back on their word, what is democracy? In Ancient Egypt, swearing false oathes was punnishable by death. It was a sin then and is still now. Do we now have less of a sense of honesty and honour than those who lived 4000 years before us? How can I have any faith in the government when they cannot even keep their own promises, a virtue taught to small children?
# 696:
Aug 28, 2009, Frank Gerry, Florida
# 695:
Aug 27, 2009, Kenyon Bowler, United Kingdom
This forest management plan is complete madness and MUST be stopped at all costs. (Newborough Resident)
# 694:
Aug 27, 2009, David richard Lloyd, United Kingdom
# 693:
Aug 27, 2009, Colin David Lloyd-Hughes, United Kingdom
We pay for a season key and regularly use the forest for long walks at any time of the year. it would be a travesty if this were allowed to happen. This forest has already appeared on BBC's autumn watch showing it to have the biggest colony of ravens in the country and a sanctuary for red squirrels - it would be tragic if these were also to vanish.
# 692:
Aug 27, 2009, Philip Read, United Kingdom
This is a beautiful and unspoilt area. To cut down 40% of the forest would be the work of philistines.
# 691:
Aug 27, 2009, Michele Nash, United Kingdom
# 690:
Aug 27, 2009, Jenny Penna, United Kingdom
Anywhere where there are red squirrels should be left alone or soon we will have none in the UK
# 689:
Aug 27, 2009, Charmaine Crow, United Kingdom
# 688:
Aug 27, 2009, Wendy Barker, United Kingdom
Save natural British wildlife please
# 687:
Aug 27, 2009, Brenda Taylor, United Kingdom
# 686:
Aug 27, 2009, John Sandom, United Kingdom
I have lived here for nearly 50 years and my wifes family have lived in Anglesey for a century or more. We have all used the forest for R & R. Why are we allowing the council to destroy so much of the island? Earlier this year we as family were involved with "Right to Roam" on Point Lynas another beauty spot which is now being destroyed, and the council appear to be unwilling and/or powerless to do anything about it. Leaving out any moral or ecological considerations, which are self evident from other statements, I thought a democratically elected council was there to do the bidding of the electorate
# 685:
Aug 26, 2009, Sian Spashett, United Kingdom
# 684:
Aug 26, 2009, Mark Rogers, United Kingdom
I cannot believe that this course of action is being contemplated. The European Red Squirrel - in all the many unique forms that term encompasses - is faced with extinction as a result of human interference in the ecosystem. Not just in Britain, but in Europe as a whole. To extinguish a haven that has been created for this intelligent and beleaguered animal is beyond comprehension - and for a group of people to make a decision which would destroy a decade of work by Doctor Shuttleworth seems almost sadistic. A few weeks ago, I made a trip to Anglesey and Newborough Forest specifically to try and see Red Squirrels - which I was able to do because of Doctor Shuttleworth's commitment to the preservation of these remarkable animals. It angers me to think that human beings are still making decisions which eliminate opportunities for the survival for the Red Squirrel.
# 683:
Aug 26, 2009, Kim Crabbe, France
My ancestors came from Anglesey & no matter where in the world I live I cannot abide wanton destruction of our Heritage for the sake of profit &/or crass stupidity.
# 682:
Aug 26, 2009, Myfanwy Griffiths, France
I am origanaly from Anglesey, and am disgusted that anyone can just destroy woodland in this way. Heard of global warming???
# 681:
Aug 26, 2009, Pamela Parnell, United Kingdom
Please reconsider and do the sensible thing and help to preserve one of our native inhabitants rather than destroy it.
# 680:
Aug 26, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 679:
Aug 26, 2009, Victor Pogson, United Kingdom
This would be a great shame. The forest should be managed and cared for as it provides a habitat for red squirrels and a great variety of other wildlife.
# 678:
Aug 26, 2009, Sandra Goulding, United Kingdom
There are far too many native species under threat - not to mention trees!! You only have to look at the rain forests to see what calamities have already been commited.
# 677:
Aug 26, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 676:
Aug 26, 2009, John Milburn, United Kingdom
This area which many people have respected over the years and provides an introduction to many children to wild life the coast should be respected to set an example to these youngster to look after their future
# 675:
Aug 26, 2009, Roger Stewart, United Kingdom
Roger Stewart
# 674:
Aug 26, 2009, Anonymous, United Arab Emirates
# 673:
Aug 26, 2009, Alan Young, United Kingdom
To fell red squirrel habitat on the site of the most important and significant red squirrel conservation project in the whole of Britain is sheer lunacy, whatever the reason. Continue with it at the risk of losing red squirrels and your own credibility!
# 672:
Aug 26, 2009, Gary Stubbs, United Kingdom
I've been walking the forest with my dogs for 25 years. Newborough Warren already has the largest area of mobile sand dunes in Europe. This is an outrageous plan and the CCW should hang their heads in shame.
# 671:
Aug 26, 2009, Lesley Redfern, United Kingdom
# 670:
Aug 26, 2009, John Fleming, United Kingdom
# 669:
Aug 26, 2009, Paul Spashett, United Kingdom
I remember when it was all sand dunes. Why do you want this?

# 668:
Aug 26, 2009, Jane Hemming, United Kingdom
# 667:
Aug 26, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
I'm shocked to read these plans to cut down the forest. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty - let us keep it that way.
# 666:
Aug 26, 2009, EIRWEN COCHRAN, United Kingdom
How can people who dont even live in our area decide that our lovely forest is to be desecrated by developers---there are so many animals in the forest--- and beautiful walks too--- there are enough derelict buildings, which are an eyesore on the island- can,t they do something about them instead, and leave or trees alone.
# 665:
Aug 26, 2009, Janet Bord, United Kingdom
There is no need for this destruction, especially in view of the red squirrel population which will inevitably be harmed.
# 664:
Aug 26, 2009, Valerie Lickorish, Australia
# 663:
Aug 25, 2009, Hugh Morgan-Jones, United Kingdom
The planet is being desecrated by developers, adding to global warming, Too many derilict houses in the UK are being ignored by Councils who should demolish and rebuild them. In this case, is there a dire necessity to take this work to a conclusion, to the detriment of wildlife? I think not.
# 662:
Aug 25, 2009, Wyn Parry, United Kingdom
Another classic CCW DISTASTER in the making .
# 661:
Aug 25, 2009, Jenny Parry, United Kingdom
# 660:
Aug 25, 2009, Ruth Nikolic, United Kingdom
The forest needs to be preserved, it is a lovely,natural walk. Why are people so eager to use chainsaws and destroy our environment?
# 659:
Aug 25, 2009, Joan Ellwood, Canada
# 658:
Aug 25, 2009, Sue Williams, United Kingdom
Please don't destroy this wonderful area.
# 657:
Aug 25, 2009, Sally Ann Roberts, United Kingdom
# 656:
Aug 25, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 655:
Aug 25, 2009, Margaret Berry, United Kingdom
# 654:
Aug 25, 2009, Lesley Bordoli, United Kingdom
Having spent many happy hours with my children at Newborough Forest & Beach I feel it will be a sin to fell so many of the trees. It will cause loss of habitat for many creatures, threaten the raven, and red squirrel population DON'T DO IT!!!!
# 653:
Aug 25, 2009, Jennie Murphy, United Kingdom
don't ruin a place of beauty and natural habitat ,there's enough damage done throughout the world ,time to leave it alone ,we can all live side by side as it's meant to be.The animal world and us need each other to survive .
# 652:
Aug 25, 2009, Cynthia Chadwick, United Kingdom
I thought the trees were planted to save the sand dunes being eroded away, now they want to fell the trees to save the sand dunes????????????????? What about the red squirrels?
# 651:
 Aug 25, 2009, Valerie Rowlands, United Kingdom
Why on earth do they wish to destroy this area of outstanding natural beauty. How can the destroying of this forest be helpful. I was under the impression that we, all of us, need to preserve the forests of the World and also the vegetation of our individual gardens to help combat Global Warming. We also desperately need to preserve one of the very few habitats of our native Red Squirrel.

# 650:
Aug 25, 2009, Susan Williams, United Kingdom
# 649:
Aug 25, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
The proposed area for tree felling is the location for orcids of very limited local distribution
# 648:
Aug 25, 2009, Noel Hughes, United Kingdom
Wholly uneccesary proposal - please keep Newborough as it is and help save the damage to the ozone layer
# 647:
Aug 25, 2009, Graeme Lister, United Kingdom
An area very close to my wifes' familys' heart for various reasons.Dont let the powers-that-be trample over the wishes of the ordinary people!!
# 646:
Aug 25, 2009, Lee Hollingsworth, United Kingdom
# 645:
Aug 25, 2009, Mary Jones, United Kingdom
One impulse from a vernal wood, may teach you more of man, of moral evil and of good, than all the sages can. William Wordsworth
# 644:
Aug 25, 2009, Holly Sante, United Kingdom
I am from Bangor and love Newborough and its wildlife don't let it slip away!
# 643:
Aug 25, 2009, Margaret Tomkins, United Kingdom
# 642:
Aug 25, 2009, Sarah Hind, United Kingdom
# 641:
Aug 25, 2009, Ray Williams, United Kingdom
Lots of other Animals thrive there also. [From Birds to Insects]
# 640:
Aug 25, 2009, Carl Williams, United Kingdom
The destruction of up to 40% of Newborough forest would be devastaing for it's wildlife. Not just squirrels but Ravens, crows woodpeckers a whole host of birds and also toads, rabbits amongst others. The forest should remain the same for future generations of people to enjoy.
# 639:
Aug 24, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 638:
Aug 24, 2009, Joanne Dean jones, United Kingdom
# 637:
Aug 24, 2009, D M Kitchen, United Kingdom
Newborough Forest and the dunes are one of Anglesey's "special places" the red squirrels an added bonus. What a ridiculous idea to upset this enviroment, especially after all the effort for conservation of this endangered species.
# 636:
Aug 24, 2009, Roy Graves, United Kingdom
This Is morally wrong descision by people who don't live on our Island and appreciate its beauty.
# 635:
Aug 24, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Newborough Warren holds many treasured memories for myself and 4 generations of my family...in fact my mothers ashes were laid here, her dying wish. every January 1st my entire family makes the trip to honour her memory. This area is now ear marked for destruction. This will break my fathers heart. please preserve Newborough for us and future generations. Thank you.
# 634:
Aug 24, 2009, Hilary Thomas, United Kingdom
I fail to understand the reasoning behind this decision. Surely the forest helps prevent erosion of the sand dunes, besides providing a wildlife haven and a beautiful area to walk in.
# 633:
Aug 24, 2009, Emily Brewerton, United Kingdom
# 632:
Aug 24, 2009, DEREK DAVIES, United Kingdom
This would be a devastating decision for me and all of my family. We hold this area very close to our hearts, for many reasons, and would be heartbroken to see any changes made to the forest area. Please think again before making any final decison and listen to what the people who love and visit the area want.
# 631:
Aug 24, 2009, Martin Crowe, United Kingdom
What a stupid proposal. The forest and its proximity to the beach is a unique feature providing a fantastic tourist attraction benefitting the local economy. Why try and damage it the local population is poor enough as it is. There is plenty of sands dunes down on the warren. What are the precise reasons for their proposal.
# 630:
Aug 24, 2009, Edward Morgan, United Kingdom
I'm there now and we were just commenting on how beautiful and unusual an envirinment it is with dunes sea and forest. Everyone loves it.
# 629:
Aug 24, 2009, Helen Wood, United Kingdom
# 628:
Aug 24, 2009, Alwena Owen, United Kingdom

# 627:
Aug 24, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 626:
Aug 24, 2009, Donna Rowland, United Kingdom
# 625:
Aug 24, 2009, Morwenna Hughes, United Kingdom
# 624:
Aug 24, 2009, John Griffiths, United Kingdom
This site must be saved if only because it has the largest raven colony in Europe and many red squirrels. It provides a natural habitat for countless other species, forrest walks and riding etc.
# 623:
Aug 24, 2009, Stephen Cross, United Kingdom
Absolute madness, what purpose will more mobile sand dunes serve, there are plenty there and Aberffraw anyway.
# 622:
Aug 24, 2009, Laura Fairbrother, United Kingdom
We walked through this forest while visiting Wales and would be a ridiculous idea to chop down the trees and ruin the habitat of these animal for sand dunes.
# 621:
Aug 23, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 620:
Aug 23, 2009, Daniel Soulas, France
# 619:
Aug 23, 2009, Chris Lloyd, United Kingdom
We need to save our forests for many reasons
# 618:
Aug 23, 2009, Aneira Levitt, United Kingdom

# 617:
Aug 23, 2009, Barbara Dixon, United Kingdom
Felling the trees will be disastrous. As well as affecting the environment it will have a direct impact on visitors to the area and Llandwyn island.
# 616:
Aug 23, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 615:
Aug 23, 2009, Paul Milburn, United Kingdom
# 614:
Aug 23, 2009, Hughes-Roberts A, United Kingdom
# 613:
Aug 23, 2009, John Chadwick, United Kingdom
The creation of more dunes adjacent to an estury and sand/mud flats is totally unnecessary, and probably counter-productive. Dunes are a natural feature, not a manufactured one.
# 612:
Aug 23, 2009, Louise Lloyd, United Kingdom
newborough forest is a vital habitat for many wildlife species to destroy any part of it is ridiculous. There are plenty of sand dunes there anyway
# 611:
Aug 23, 2009, Jennifer Goodier, France
# 610:
Aug 23, 2009, Karen Daniels, United Kingdom
# 609:
Aug 23, 2009, Lee Faulkner, United Kingdom
to reduce newborough forest at all is madness,let alone 40%.keep the dunes where they are.the ccw should be ashamed. 5
# 608:
Aug 23, 2009, Chris Thorpe, United Kingdom
This beautiful area should be preserved as a forest. Anglesey is mostly farmland and the forest is an important habitat. Please don't do this.
# 607:
Aug 23, 2009, Gareth Brown, United Kingdom
# 606:
Aug 23, 2009, Jacqueline Robinson, Georgia
# 605:
Aug 22, 2009, Lindsey Readyhough, United Kingdom
# 604:
Aug 21, 2009, Lisa Evans, United Kingdom
# 603:
Aug 21, 2009, John Tudor, United Kingdom
I am 13 and I walk my dog in the forest all the time, I like to see all the wildlife and would be sad to see lt all disappear.
# 602:
Aug 21, 2009, Paul Whattam, United Kingdom
There is far more dune area than pine forest area in this region of Anglesey. Fact, people prefer forest to sand dunes. We all know that felling the forest is for political and monetary gain.
# 601:
 Aug 21, 2009, Fiona Sandom, United Kingdom
There is plenty of sand dune already, leave the trees alone

# 600:
Aug 21, 2009, Sarah Baker, United Kingdom
# 599:
Aug 21, 2009, Joan Hall, United Kingdom
# 598:
Aug 21, 2009, Thomas Peter Naylor, United Kingdom
Supporters of Red Squirrel Conservarion throughout the UK have been both impressed and greatly heartened by the achievements of Dr.Craig Shuttleworth and the people of Anglesey in reintroducing Red Squirrels so viably: it is surely betond belief that environmental proposals for the dunes should be allowed to sabotage this Welsh success story.
# 597:
Aug 21, 2009, Kath Taylor, United Kingdom
This bad idea seems to knock other bad ideas onto a cocked hat.
# 596:
Aug 21, 2009, Natalie Hulme Leach, United Kingdom
This plan illustrates the lack of clear thinking that so often decimates our environment. For heavens sake don't proceed with this. Listen to your community!!!!!
# 595:
Aug 21, 2009, Jon Kaye, United Kingdom
Newborough is one of the few places where tourism and wildlife thrive... I find it incredible that the Council could even consider something so wholly irresponsible.
# 594:
Aug 21, 2009, Stephen Russell, United Kingdom
Newborough beach is precious not only for the isle of Anglesey but nationally for Wales as a whole. For me personally I treasure the woodland walks I enjoyed there in my youth and the diversity and richness of the fauna and flora that flourishes under the rich canopy of those trees. Polanski's MacBeth opens to a iconic battle scene which was filmed on location on the beach - It is ironic that the beach and the forest all these years later face a battle of real significance and one for survival itself. If there is any justice in the world, if beauty and environmental sustainability hold any place in the future of our kind, then these plans should be scrapped immediately and we should protect both the forest and all the wildlife therein.
# 593:
Aug 21, 2009, Ella Hargreaves, United Kingdom
# 592:
Aug 21, 2009, Ty Branston, United Kingdom
# 591:
Aug 21, 2009, Julie Hurney, United Kingdom
I live in the lake district and with the kind help of our local red squirrel representitive help to eradicate the grey squirrels from our area to try and save the red squirrel population in Northumberland and Scotland. Here in the lakes 10 years ago we had Red's everywhere now they have all but been wiped out. This cannot happen in Angelesy. You have to try and save the red squirrel habitat for future generations to enjoy. If you go ahead with this plan to clear the forrest you will be killing one of the only succesful habitats for reds in this country. Please I ask you to re-consider. Kind Regards, Julie Hurney.
# 590:
Aug 21, 2009, Yvette Pavelyn, United Kingdom
# 589:
Aug 21, 2009, Gary Brown, United Kingdom
I have walked in the forest many times and have seen the introduction of the Red Squirrel (fantastic) we need more forest not less. This scheme is madness as it will take away a great feature of the Island. A well managed forest will last forever and add to the environment also help slow climate change, sand dunes will add to the increasing amount of desert in the world. When will governments ever learn?
# 588:
Aug 21, 2009, Christine Sadler, United Kingdom
# 587:
Aug 21, 2009, Jo Hargreaves, United Kingdom
I'm appalled that a council designated to uphold natural areas of beauty and habitats would take such a large step without taking local opinion, flora and fauna into account. How very irresponsible.
# 586:
Aug 21, 2009, Tatiana Costa, Brazil
# 585:
Aug 21, 2009, Christopher Loewen, Texas
# 584:
Aug 20, 2009, Penelope Ann (Penny) Gutridge, United Kingdom
My support is based on familiarity with the forest since 1966. I visit weekly, walk extensively & have experienced changes to the forest, dunes & nearby nature reserve over more than 40 years. I've attended public meetings &, on one occasion, submitted written comments on plans for the future management of the forest.I'm in no doubt that the priority should be to preserve the forest, its diversity of trees, plants, insects, birds & mammals - & to avoid destruction of the habitats that have evolved there.
# 583:
Aug 20, 2009, Jessica Koch, New York
# 582:
Aug 20, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 581:
Aug 20, 2009, Lorna J Owen, United Kingdom
It is ridiculous to cut down trees to make room for more sand dunes.What about all the creatures that depend on the forest. Also there are plenty of sand dunes around Anglesey but trees are few and far between.
# 580:
Aug 20, 2009, Andrew Môn Hughes, United Kingdom
# 579:
Aug 20, 2009, Gwen Griffith, United Kingdom
I have been going to the beach and walking the footpaths all my life ,I am now 67yrs old and plead with you not to disturb the animal life ,fauna and flowers ect ,by ignoring the local community in felling this forest
# 578:
Aug 20, 2009, Judy Campbell-Royle, United Kingdom
# 577:
Aug 20, 2009, Terry BREESE, United Kingdom
# 576:
Aug 20, 2009, Annette Freeman, United Kingdom
# 575:
Aug 20, 2009, Michael Cross, United Kingdom
Anglesy has very few substantial forest and this is one of the few significant forested ares IT MUST NOT BE DESTROYED. we also have red squirrel conservation project on going!
# 574:
Aug 20, 2009, JANE SAYER, United Kingdom
# 573:
Aug 20, 2009, Barrie Freeman, United Kingdom
The decision by the Countryside Council for Wales to clear fell 40% of the forest has been made after 4-5 years of discussions with the community. Their intention has not changed over those years and it just shows what a complete farce the whole setup was. I understand that the cost of these discussions was in excess of £100,000. A complete waste of money from an unelected qango who intend to ride roughshod over the community.
# 572:
Aug 20, 2009, Dave Sweeney, United Kingdom
# 571:
Aug 20, 2009, Melissa Hindley, United Kingdom
# 570:
Aug 20, 2009, Carolyn Boobyer, United Kingdom
Red squirrels, ravens and heaven knows what else need Neborough Forest. Please please do not destroy their hsbitat
# 569:
Aug 20, 2009, Jo Bruce, United Kingdom
# 568:
Aug 20, 2009, Andrew Bate, United Kingdom
the mistake was made many years ago when the dune system was planted out with conifers since then a new eco system has evolved including the biggest raven roost site in europe whether it be tree stabilised dunes or a windblown system it will make no difference in the event of severe winter storms and rising sea levels leave the forest alone !!!
# 567:
Aug 19, 2009, R. Elwyn Owen, United Kingdom
The importance of a woodland habitat on Anglesey far outweighs that of sand dunes. Newborough Forest is one of the few woodlands accessible to the public on the island and is an important leisure amenity. History has shown that the dunes have needed to be contained, not extended.
# 566:
Aug 19, 2009, Anna Ryder Richardson, United Kingdom
Stop the murder of the endangered Red Squirrels!
# 565:
Aug 19, 2009, Stewart Lyon, United Kingdom
Is the CCW unaware of the great storm of 6 December 1330 when 183 acres of Newborough were completely covered and destroyed by the sand and the tide and became uncultivable and worthless? And this was not an isolated event. (See A.D. Carr, Medieval Anglesey, pp. 23-4). Surely the felling of more and more of Newborough Forest would put at risk not only the red squirrels but also the village of Newborough itself? CCW should undertake a proper risk assessment. .
# 564:
Aug 19, 2009, Martin Snow, United Kingdom
I DO NOT want to see ANY part of Newborough Forrest Clear Felled for ANY reason - other than to replant with forestry. Abandon this crazy idea. Martin Snow, local resident 33 years.
# 563:
Aug 19, 2009, John Murdin, United Kingdom
How dare the CCW ruin such an area of outstanding natural beauty!
# 562:
Aug 19, 2009, Marguerite Gane, United Kingdom
Anglesey is a truly magical place; please lets keep it that way. Felling trees to produce yet more sanddunes seems to me to be an act of vandalism. Red squirrels are fast disappearing from the UK and not just because of the grey squirrel but because of mis-guided schemes such as this one. We should be planting more trees not killing them!
# 561:
Aug 19, 2009, PATRICIA BRANCH, United Kingdom
# 560:
Aug 18, 2009, John Ronald Brimelow, United Kingdom
Red Squirrels are already in great difficuly with the threat posed by the Grey Squirrel. This smacks of big business trying to make even more money at the expense of everything and everyone. I should like to think that my grandchildren will be able to see this squirrel in the future. We are only the caretakers for the future generation.
# 559:
Aug 18, 2009, Richard Stibbs, United Kingdom
There are very few red squirrel populations in the UK and Newborough Forest is one of those. To put this at risk in order to allow sand dunes to develop is appalling. There are many other areas in Wales where sand dunes could be allowed to develop wwithout harming red squirrels.
# 558:
Aug 18, 2009, Leslie Walker, United Kingdom
# 557:
Aug 18, 2009, ALPHA WI, Germany
# 556:
Aug 18, 2009, Colin Yarwood, United Kingdom
Forest is very popular as a touist attraction for Wales and should not be disturbed or have money spent doing alterations that are not popular with the public in general.
# 555:
Aug 18, 2009, Ian Clark, United Kingdom
I thought the main reason for the forest was to stabilise the dunes and stop them migrating inland due sand moving with the prevailing westerly winds. Besides, there are extensive dunes in Newborough Warren and Aberffraw.
# 554:
Aug 18, 2009, Harold Newby, United Kingdom
I too think the proposed felling of trees would further damage the forest and displace much of the wildlife. With mystery surrounding the reasons for the proposed action ( Forestry Commission against, no EU Policy that can be found) I oppose any action until a clear explanation is given.
# 553:
Aug 18, 2009, Tony Roberts, United Kingdom
Yet again CCW are planning to decimate Newborough Forest. This is a valuable asset to Ynys Mon and MUST be preserved in its entirety.
# 552:
Aug 18, 2009, Tony Roberts, United Kingdom
I was dismayed to hear that CCW has resurrected it's plans to decimate Newborough Forest. This site is a valuable asset to Ynys Mon and MUST be retained in its entirety.
# 551:
 Aug 18, 2009, Amy Newby, United Kingdom
This would be a serious crime to let them destroy this habitat... and totally unjustified!!

# 550:
Aug 18, 2009, Emma Darke, United Kingdom
A truly beautiful place and there is surely a better way of resolving the water table issue? My spiritual home....
# 549:
Aug 18, 2009, Alexandra Bokova, Czech Republic
# 548:
Aug 18, 2009, PETER MCSHANE, United Kingdom
# 547:
Aug 18, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Just what exactly do we pay our politicians for? in theory it is to carry out our wishes!
# 546:
Aug 18, 2009, Anonymous, Australia
an expat living in now in Australia. We have spent many happy hours on Anglesey and hope the wildlife habitat will be preserved. When it's gone. it's gone for ever!
# 545:
Aug 17, 2009, Selina Crow, Ireland
# 544:
Aug 17, 2009, Sara Assinder, United Kingdom
# 543:
Aug 17, 2009, Jan Boyce, United Kingdom
# 542:
Aug 17, 2009, Michael Lane, United Kingdom
Why don't we destroy everything on Anglesey? Heavy industry closing, leisure centres closing, no jobs, crime increasing, an incompetent authority and now this. Thosands of hours of good honest hard work often by volunteers will be destroyed within hours of the chain saw arriving. DISGRACEFUL from a authority claiming to protect the Welsh countryside. People of Anglesey and those who visit PROTEST NOW if you care about the island. BE SEEN and BE HEARD or lose it.
# 541:
Aug 17, 2009, Carol Cole, United Kingdom
# 540:
Aug 17, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Does the "wildlife and countryside act " not apply in wales ? .I'm from cumbria we are having the same situation with N E wanting to fell perfect Red Squirrel habitat .Hopefully people will realise how vunerable the red squirrel is ,and act on it before its to late
# 539:
Aug 17, 2009, Lizzie Duncan, United Kingdom
# 538:
Aug 17, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 537:
Aug 17, 2009, Fred Ellison, United Kingdom
As a regular visitor to Anglesey I love the diverse environment offered by the Newborough Forest and the surrounding area. It may be that sand dunes are a unique and scarce habitat,but I feel sure that the present environment is more rewarding to nature and to people. Who do the Countryside Council for Wales represent? Did I get an opportunity to vote for them? Did anyone get an opportunity to vote for them? Who pays them for their opinions? How many people visit Aberffraw sand dunes?
# 536:
Aug 17, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 535:
Aug 17, 2009, Maxine Hallworth, United Kingdom
Please sign
# 534:
Aug 17, 2009, Linda Tokarz, United Kingdom
This is a senseless idea - all the good work that has gone into the rehabitation of the red squirrels would be wasted. The Countryside Council should show that they really care by leaving well alone!
# 533:
Aug 17, 2009, Frank Moores, United Kingdom
# 532:
Aug 17, 2009, Janet Vinter, United Kingdom
# 531:
Aug 17, 2009, Megan Jones, United Kingdom
# 530:
Aug 17, 2009, Veronica Carnell, United Kingdom
To CCW. Please think very carefully before you destroy red squirrel habitat in Newborough Forest in favour of re-instating mobile sand dunes. While I appreciate your committment to SACs, I feel I should point out that this is probably, in my opinion, not the best time to strike a blow against a highly vulnerable, iconic, protected species, particularly when so much effort is being put in by so many local people, to support them. Would you please consider delaying clear felling the forest for a few more years, until the red squirrel has had the chance to become wider established on Anglesey.
# 529:
Aug 17, 2009, Clare Homer, United Kingdom
Stop chopping trees!!!
# 528:
Aug 17, 2009, KUNAL NIDHI, India
# 527:
Aug 16, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
this is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt areas of Britain .Hundreds of people come here to escape from the manicured and commercialised forests and coastlines and to admire the flora and fauna,the peace and quiet and natural beauty.Why should anybody wish to change this except for their own egos?
# 526:
Aug 16, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
the red squirrel is native to our country we must save it at all cost!
# 525:
Aug 16, 2009, Deborah Wade, United Kingdom
I cannot believe it is called The Countryside Council. Do they read about our own lovely creatures at all. I hope they come to their senses before we lose something so very special.
# 524:
Aug 16, 2009, Steve taylor Taylor, United Kingdom
# 523:
Aug 16, 2009, Angela Thirlwall, United Kingdom
# 522:
Aug 16, 2009, Jane Edwards, United Kingdom
# 521:
Aug 16, 2009, Isobel Chetwood, United Kingdom
# 520:
Aug 16, 2009, Olive Mary Horsfall, United Kingdom
I thought CCW was meant to be FOR the countryside, not AGAINST it. Who gains from the felling of the trees one wonders.
# 519:
Aug 16, 2009, Vanda Moss, United Kingdom
The decision of the Countryside Council for Wales to clear fell 600 acres of Newborough Forest is a disaster, particularly as there has been so much public opposition. I hope that good sense will prevail and this move can be halted.
# 518:
Aug 16, 2009, Pete Gray, United Kingdom
Appears to be a poorly thought out scheme with some alternatives deliberately excluded from consideration.
# 517:
Aug 16, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Not just for squirrels and wildlife but for tourism on the island, I am absolutely against the felling of the trees in Newborough forest
# 516:
Aug 16, 2009, Paul Hobson, United Kingdom
# 515:
Aug 16, 2009, Judith Moss, United Kingdom
Among a miriad of good reason why Newborough Forest should not be destroyed is that Anglesey, alongside Malta is reputed to be the least forested area in Europe
# 514:
Aug 15, 2009, Judith Donnelly, United Kingdom
Please listen to and respect the wishes of those in the local community. Red squirrels are our native species of squirrel and it is very important to preserve their habitat.
# 513:
Aug 15, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 512:
Aug 15, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 511:
Aug 15, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 510:
Aug 14, 2009, Helen Warhurst, United Kingdom
Haven't we done enough already to destroy the red squirrel? Have some common sense!
# 509:
Aug 14, 2009, Roy Wilson, United Kingdom
# 508:
Aug 14, 2009, Martyn Nicholls, United Kingdom
Considering the pressure that red squirrels are in across the UK, clear felling forests that have populations of these threatened animals is ridiculous. Clear felling any forest in the UK only speeds up the already catastrophic loss of this type of habitat we can ill afford to lose more woodland.
# 507:
Aug 14, 2009, John A Pettigrew, United Kingdom
I find it incredible that anyone can contemplate turning this wildlife habitat into sandunes. Carrying out this this mindless operation will be detrimental to this beautiful islands beauty.
# 506:
Aug 14, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
I love red squirrels. We used to watch them play on a tree at the back of our house in Northumberland. they are much prettier that grey squirrels and it woud be a great pity if they become extinct through lack of care and consideration of their environment
# 505:
Aug 13, 2009, Tegwyn Harris, United Kingdom
It is scandelous even to contemplate the destruction of yet another impoprtant natural habitat.
# 504:
Aug 13, 2009, Love Animals Too, New York
# 503:
Aug 13, 2009, Caroleann McCallion, United Kingdom
# 502:
 Aug 13, 2009, Lynn Owens, United Kingdom
We use this natural resource every weekend for cycling/walking/wildlife spotting. Leave the forest alone ! It's been planted, it has grown and is mature - LEAVE IT. OK, perhaps if we were looking at bare dunes, as it was 50 years ago, the area may be managed differently, but we're not. If the trees are felled now, we are looking at a generation's length of time before the ravaged landscape recovers. There is plenty of existing dune habitat on the warren. Yes, it is a special area too. I dont think this can be re-created where the trees have been planted. HANDS OFF.

# 500:
Aug 13, 2009, Cadi Shipton, United Kingdom
# 499:
Aug 13, 2009, Ellis McCoy, United Kingdom
# 498:
Aug 12, 2009, Jann Bell, United Kingdom
# 497:
Aug 12, 2009, Ralph Xx, Germany
# 496:
Aug 12, 2009, N D Weiss, United Kingdom
Re-introducing sand dunes is the equivalent of re-introducing beavers into a landscape that has long since developed into a stable ecosystem. It is better by far to put all our efforts into preserving what we still have i.e. red squirrels, than by pursuing foolish pipe dreams!
# 495:
Aug 12, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 494:
Aug 12, 2009, Bill Perry, United Kingdom
every effort should be made to stop this project, which if it goes ahead can only have a detrimental impact on the survival of the red squirrel population.
# 493:
Aug 12, 2009, Kerry Smith, United Kingdom
# 492:
Aug 12, 2009, Simon Peter Thompson, United Kingdom
Besides the impact on the ravens and red squirrels, this action could also impact on the archeology on anglesey. One of the few palaeolithic (early stone age) sites on anglesey being in the forest, very close to the felling, e.g. Hendai, where early stone age finds have been made.
# 491:
Aug 12, 2009, Ruth Maria Thompson, United Kingdom
This vital area of outstanding natural beauty and conservational importance is an asset to our island and our country. Not only will the removal of the trees impact on the local flora and fauna but i believe it will also have an as yet untold impact on the marine life and sand bar formations within the menai straits. Stop this disaster before it begins, hindesight in this case is not an option...
# 490:
Aug 12, 2009, Dewi Owens, United Kingdom
The proposed felling is yet another example of needless destruction. The forest has matured over many years and is now a home to a diverse range of wildlife and is a wonderful amenity for the island. Destroying the forest would be a huge retrograde step for both conservation and tourism. I'm appalled that this is even under consideration.
# 489:
Aug 12, 2009, Lisa Hume, United Kingdom
We need to save the red squirrels habitat not destroy it!
# 488:
Aug 12, 2009, Wendy Ord, United Kingdom
# 487:
Aug 12, 2009, William Farnell, United Kingdom
# 486:
Aug 12, 2009, Magnus Forrester-Barker, United Kingdom
For more impact, add a personal comment here
# 485:
Aug 12, 2009, Denisszia Gerocz, Romania
# 484:
Aug 11, 2009, Helen Jenkinson, United Kingdom
# 483:
Aug 11, 2009, Steve Bryant, United Kingdom
Disgraceful behaviour on the part of the CCW. Must we sacrifice all the worlds species before we realise our BIG mistakes.
# 482:
Aug 11, 2009, Lyhann O'Shaughnessy, Mexico
# 481:
Aug 11, 2009, Anonymous, New York
# 480:
Aug 11, 2009, HOY Della, France
Summer 2003 - memories of the forest and beach with loved ones. Would be criminal to spoil this idyllic spot and wipe out the flora and fauna in one fell swoop !
# 479:
Aug 11, 2009, Francis Gane, United Kingdom
Disgraceful idea...
# 478:
Aug 11, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 477:
Aug 11, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Disappointed and appalled that this beautiful area could be treated this way by the people that are supposed to be in charge of keeping these areas protected and looked after
# 476:
Aug 11, 2009, Rob Telford, United Kingdom
# 475:
Aug 11, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 474:
Aug 11, 2009, Michelle Cuniffe, United Kingdom
# 473:
Aug 11, 2009, Denise Guthrie, United Kingdom
# 472:
Aug 11, 2009, Carole Bull, United Kingdom
# 471:
Aug 11, 2009, Julia Smith, New Zealand
# 470:
Aug 11, 2009, Linda Molyneux, United Kingdom
# 469:
Aug 11, 2009, David Cartlidge, United Kingdom
More environmental destruction so that somebody can make a quick buck.
# 468:
Aug 11, 2009, Steve Thompson, United Kingdom
When will people learn
# 467:
Aug 11, 2009, Wendy Nulty, United Kingdom
# 466:
Aug 11, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
I find it appalling that such an act is being considered.
# 465:
Aug 11, 2009, Gabriel De La Iglesia, Florida
# 464:
Aug 11, 2009, Matt Place, United Kingdom
# 463:
Aug 10, 2009, K Hanss, United Kingdom
# 462:
Aug 10, 2009, Margaret Gerrard, United Kingdom
I strongly support wild life conservation.
# 461:
Aug 10, 2009, Theresa Daven, Sweden
# 460:
Aug 10, 2009, Julia Rathbone, United Kingdom
# 459:
Aug 10, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 458:
Aug 10, 2009, Nary Aston, United Kingdom
# 457:
Aug 10, 2009, Fran Breen, United Kingdom
# 456:
Aug 10, 2009, Gareth Jones, United Kingdom
# 455:
Aug 10, 2009, Lilian wyn Binyon, United Kingdom
# 454:
Aug 10, 2009, Ross Thompson, United Kingdom
Only when the last tree has withered, the last fish has been caught, and the last river has been poisoned, will you realize you cannot eat money.
# 453:
Aug 10, 2009, Michael Argyrou, United Kingdom
The Newborough forest must be saved, not only for the red squirrels,but just as importantly, for the 2nd largest raven roost in the world.
# 452:
Aug 10, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 451:
 Aug 10, 2009, Gwynedd Jones, United Kingdom

# 450:
Aug 10, 2009, Penny Wilson, United Kingdom
Newborough forest is one of my treasured places and to reduce it by 40% would be a tragedy. Please, please keep it for all to enjoy.
# 449:
Aug 10, 2009, Julia Bootle, United Kingdom
we need to protect these creatures NOT destroy their habitat
# 448:
Aug 10, 2009, William Cuthbert, United Kingdom
To even consider anything that is detrimental to the tremendous achievements made in red squirrel conservation in Anglesey is nothing less than disgraceful. The success of the project was a prime example of what can be achieved by eliminating the grey, and managing and expanding what was at the time a very small and fragile population of reds. It undermines the tremendous work carried out in the late 90’s. Who are these faceless people who make these decisions?
# 447:
Aug 10, 2009, Andrew March, United Kingdom
Aren't our traditional mammals and birds worth more to the community and TO tourism than some barren sand dunes. Keep the forest as it is. Please!
# 446:
Aug 10, 2009, Edem Barnor-Ahiaku, United Kingdom
# 445:
Aug 10, 2009, Nigel Snaith, United Kingdom
I do not know what justification there would be for destroying what should be (if not already) An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. I have walked my dog through the woods on many occasions and at various times of the day and in various seasons, the flora and fauna found is considerable and I cannot imagine the harm that would be caused to both the wildlife and the impact on the ecology should this proposal be pursued.
# 444:
Aug 10, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Knowing the amount of time and trouble that the squirrels need I am appauled to hear that an authory is thinking of taking out a large amount of the forest. I traveled from the midlands just to see squirrels and I was very impressed with the wonderfull setting. PLEASE DO NOT RUIN YOUR REPUTATIONS FOR JUST GREED. ROBIN ROBERTS
# 443:
Aug 10, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 442:
Aug 10, 2009, Susan Goodman, United Kingdom
# 441:
Aug 10, 2009, Samantha Ellison, United Kingdom
The forest is an area of outstanding natural beauty and any significant felling would change a beautiful place for the worse ! Please reconsider - maybe a compromise at 10% felling ?
# 440:
Aug 10, 2009, Sefaakor Ahiaku, United Kingdom
# 439:
Aug 10, 2009, James Goodman, United Kingdom
This is an amazing forest, unique and outstanding. It is a place we visit regularly as a family, happily paying the entry fee on the grounds that we believe it contributes towards sensible management of the area. Thus I am very concerned that this deforestation is being proposed for such an incredible tourism and ecological asset to the area.
# 438:
Aug 10, 2009, Cate Thornton, United Kingdom
# 437:
Aug 10, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 436:
Aug 10, 2009, Neil Harold, United Kingdom
I am a user of the forest rather than the beach and am horrified to hear that there is a plan to destroy 40% of the woodland area to make way for sand dunes! Leave the forest in situ!
# 435:
Aug 10, 2009, Jeremy Waite, United Kingdom
We have put a link to this page on our facebook fan page. Invite your friends and they can help us with the campaign! http://www.facebook.com/patchworkfoods
# 434:
Aug 10, 2009, Sue Mitchell, United Kingdom
Thriving red squirrel habitats should come under government protection. It is sheer stupidity to destroy a successful red squirrel environment.
# 433:
Aug 10, 2009, Ian Hoy, France
# 432:
Aug 10, 2009, Caroline Crow, United Kingdom
# 431:
Aug 10, 2009, Ken Neil, United Kingdom
This should not be allowed to go ahead and reduce a major red squirrel conservation effort to a waste of time.
# 430:
Aug 10, 2009, Anna Hayward, United Kingdom
# 429:
Aug 10, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
living in another area where resident red sqirrel population has come under threat, I well understand the need to do everything to protect this native species and its habitat.
# 428:
Aug 10, 2009, Ian Ridley, United Kingdom
# 427:
Aug 10, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 426:
Aug 10, 2009, Susan Clapham, United Kingdom
Whilst I appreciate the value of mobile dune habitat, destroying red squirrel habitat seems counterintuitive, counterproductive and a result of bureaucracy gone terribly wrong. The EU will fine CCW if they do not fell the trees - where is the EU in trying to protect the red squirrel? There are many miles of coastline available for dune restoration - the red squirrels are running out of options.
# 425:
Aug 10, 2009, Jeannie Cooper, United Kingdom
I have been surveying red squirrel strongholds in Scotland and have seen how even minor habitat disturbance can affect any wild species. The proposed felling in Newborough forest would be a disaster. I strongly object to the proposals. Watch out Wales - when this sort of clearance next to dunes occurs, a golf course quickly follows.
# 424:
Aug 10, 2009, Jim Roberts, United Kingdom
They are now reneging on the Newborough Design Plan of 2007. The new proposals will decimate one of the most beautiful areas in the UK and deprive the locality of wonderful recreational and leisure facilities. THIS IS BUREAUCRATIC MADNESS!!.
# 423:
Aug 10, 2009, Rachel Buckenham, United Kingdom
# 422:
Aug 10, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 421:
Aug 10, 2009, Chris Morris, United Kingdom
The removal of a major part of Newborough Forest would lead to the destruction of a mjor habitat for a species already in decline in most of England and Wales. This would send a message to the public that the Countryside Commission for Wales and the Welsh Assembly does not regard conservation or biodiversity as worthwile or of significance.
# 420:
Aug 10, 2009, Marie Gordon, United Kingdom
# 419:
Aug 10, 2009, Frank Airey, United Kingdom
We are paying these idiots out of our taxes to preserve wildlife, particularly the red squirrel, not destroy it. We are up against it in Cumbria as well. Blinkered academics receiving public money then doing their own crazy thing!
# 418:
Aug 10, 2009, Zoe Cohen, United Kingdom
myself and my whole family are appalled by the plan to fell most of newborough forest - it must be wrong in every possible way - in climate change terms, in habitat terms and in human happiness terms. Please stop this dreadful plan as soon as possible
# 417:
Aug 10, 2009, Carl Iwan Clowes MMLOR FFPHM, United Kingdom
# 416:
Aug 10, 2009, Mamta Vardhan, Michigan
# 415:
Aug 9, 2009, Jan Hawkins, United Kingdom
a disgrace to vandalise an existing ecological habitat.
# 414:
Aug 9, 2009, Lindsey Green, United Kingdom
# 413:
Aug 9, 2009, Sarah Roughsedge, United Kingdom
# 412:
Aug 9, 2009, Rosana Marinho, Brazil
# 411:
Aug 9, 2009, Bethan Gwanas, United Kingdom
# 410:
Aug 9, 2009, Colin Kidd, United Kingdom
# 409:
Aug 9, 2009, Philip Keeley, United Kingdom
This area of this country's woodlands is a fraction of its original extent. We need more tree cover - not less.
# 408:
Aug 9, 2009, Kathy Woodward, United Kingdom
# 407:
Aug 9, 2009, Norman Miller, United Kingdom
# 406:
Aug 9, 2009, Rosemary Matheson, United Kingdom
Spent some time walking and orienteering in Newborough Forest autumn 2001 for the British Orienteering Championships. Existing sand dunes need to be carefully managed but we need more forested areas and tree cover in Britain to offer habitat for a diversity of animals and plants. Why destroy the ecosystem that is already in existence, spending money that we do not have? Then use money available, please, to look after what needs to be conserved.
# 405:
Aug 9, 2009, Joyce Fern, United Kingdom
# 404:
Aug 9, 2009, H. Annette Hughes, United Kingdom
# 403:
Aug 9, 2009, Jill Thompson, United Kingdom
# 402:
Aug 9, 2009, Jan Stirling, United Kingdom
# 401:
 Aug 9, 2009, Ifan Roberts, United Kingdom
Gadwch i bethau fod yn ardal Llanddwyn a Niwbwrch. Bu gormod o ymyrryd yn barod. Ifan

# 400:
Aug 9, 2009, KATE PRITCHARD, United Kingdom
# 399:
Aug 9, 2009, Gary Hall, United Kingdom
# 398:
Aug 9, 2009, Kerrie Pyecroft, United Kingdom
# 397:
Aug 9, 2009, Tom Smith, United Kingdom
How will the community benefit by removing red squirrels from this area? The CCW must have money to burn. Its time to remove this self serving body's funding when this is the way they respond to those trying to protect our wildlife.
# 396:
Aug 9, 2009, John Kendall, United Kingdom
The CCW proposals appear to be heresy and not joined up thinking. It flies in the face of all the hard effort put in by so many to reintroduce and protect red squirrels. The lack of public accountability of CCW is also very disturbing.
# 395:
Aug 9, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 394:
Aug 9, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 393:
Aug 9, 2009, Christopher Wright, United Kingdom
# 392:
Aug 9, 2009, Peter Wilson, United Kingdom
You have all my support
# 391:
Aug 9, 2009, Kerstin Muller, Germany
# 390:
Aug 9, 2009, Suzanne Edgell, United Kingdom
# 389:
Aug 8, 2009, Sam Andrews, United Kingdom
# 388:
Aug 8, 2009, Mandy Hughes, United Kingdom
# 387:
Aug 8, 2009, S Jenkinson, United Kingdom
This country should be setting an example to the rest of the world in how to conserve and improve endangered habitats and species. Forest habitat is being destroyed all over the world and we should be preventing this not adding to such destruction.
# 386:
Aug 8, 2009, Debbie Sulman, United Kingdom
# 385:
Aug 8, 2009, Barbara Collins, United Kingdom
# 384:
Aug 8, 2009, Mrinal Nidhi, India
# 383:
Aug 8, 2009, Philip Snow, United Kingdom
Having just helped in reintroducing Red Squirrels, it is obviously counter-productive to now want to fell nearly half of the much loved forest, & complately ignore the many years of public consultation!
# 382:
Aug 8, 2009, Carol Gough, United Kingdom
We should do everything to maintain the few areas where red squirrels still survive. They are lovely creatures and should be fostered wherever they are surviving
# 381:
Aug 8, 2009, Malcolm Groundwell, United Kingdom
# 380:
Aug 8, 2009, Emma Bailey, United Kingdom
What kind of madness is this! Not only is that forest a new habitat for red squirrels, but it's gorgeous! I don't see the point of felling trees to increase the size of the dunes which I'm sure were already some of the biggest around?
# 379:
Aug 8, 2009, Liz Rowlands, United Kingdom
There are so few places for this native creature to live it would be a huge loss to loose this area of woodland. We should do all we can to preserve our natural heritage.
# 378:
Aug 8, 2009, Saija Turunen, Finland
# 377:
Aug 8, 2009, Marco Beato, Italy
# 376:
Aug 8, 2009, Barry Newman, United Kingdom
# 375:
Aug 8, 2009, Mark Turner, United Kingdom
Squirrels not dunes!
# 374:
Aug 7, 2009, AC Long, Washington
This is how governments worldwide waste money. They use taxpayer dollars and do something good for once- then break their promises and anger their citizens. Make teh right choice for once.
# 373:
Aug 7, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 372:
Aug 7, 2009, Gwen Hurst, United Kingdom
Shame on the Countryside Council members whose remit and whole purpose in life is to PROTECT the countryside and living things in it, not destroy for financial gain. The names of those voting for this should be published in the media and a petition started to oust the wreckers from this Quango.
# 371:
Aug 7, 2009, David Hares, United Kingdom
These marvellous native creatures should be supported in their habitats as their loss would be irreparable.
# 370:
Aug 7, 2009, Melissa Diaz, Indiana
# 369:
Aug 7, 2009, Amanda Rankenhohn, United Kingdom
# 368:
Aug 7, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
I went to university in Bangor and spent many happy times at Newborough beach and walking around the area. Wales has precious little wilderness. What's left needs to remain.
# 367:
Aug 7, 2009, Bridget Hallett, United Kingdom
# 366:
Aug 7, 2009, Regina Knapp, California
# 365:
Aug 7, 2009, Anne-marie Clarke, United Kingdom
# 364:
Aug 7, 2009, Jon Hore, United Kingdom
One of the most tranquil and beautiful experiences I have ever enjoyed is walking in the woods behind Newborough Beach. Please do not destroy this special habitat.
# 363:
Aug 7, 2009, David Green, United Kingdom
Why do land management "businesses" have to alter overnight areas that have naturally developed for a reason over millenia?
# 362:
Aug 7, 2009, Karen Slater, United Kingdom
# 361:
Aug 7, 2009, Ken Churms, United Kingdom
The red squirrel needs our protection
# 360:
Aug 7, 2009, Laraine Wells, United Kingdom
What possible grounds can there be for destroying the forest in this way? Please explain, CCW.
# 359:
Aug 7, 2009, Darryl Walters, United Kingdom
The government would be failing the people and the planet if they ignore this.
# 358:
Aug 7, 2009, Dionne Lu, California
# 357:
Aug 6, 2009, Islwyn Humphreys, United Kingdom
I strongly disapprove of the CCW's intention to clear-fell 600 acres of the Newborough Forest. In my opinion they should work in tandem with the Friends of the Anglesey Red Squirrels in endeavouring to re-establish this species in our community.
# 356:
Aug 6, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 355:
Aug 6, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 354:
Aug 6, 2009, Sara Brunger, United Kingdom
How can we preach coservation and allow this?
# 353:
Aug 6, 2009, John Wright, United Kingdom
# 352:
Aug 6, 2009, Helen Wilkins, United Kingdom
Please stop fiddling about with nature and try and care for what is left.Do the right thing for once.
# 351:
 Aug 6, 2009, Wendy Nicholson, United Kingdom
The red squirrel represents one of the most threatened native species in the UK and deserves our whole hearted support.

# 350:
Aug 6, 2009, David Morrison, United Kingdom
saving of the newborough woodland is a necessity for the red squirrel to survive in this part of the island. I would like to know how much knowledge the Countryside council have about red squirrels and who is their red squirrel expert.Has he or she anything to say on the matter.
# 349:
Aug 6, 2009, Margaret Crispin, United Kingdom
Keep our trees
# 348:
Aug 6, 2009, Eileen Parnwell, United Kingdom
It would be vandalism to disturb this important ecological area. If red squirrels, for example, are ever to thrive again in this country, designated introduction & safe areas nust not be disturbed.
# 347:
Aug 6, 2009, Jane Baines-Holmes, United Kingdom
We have little enough forest left, and the wildlife need our protection...........(Is this the same countryside council who spray toxic substances in the verges, and cover their workers but not the wildlife and the locals, including my sister and a neighbour who had a severe reaction to the chemicals, including skin sloughing off???)
# 346:
Aug 6, 2009, Clare Lane, United Kingdom
These forest must be saved. They provide vital protection from severe weather to local villages as well as the crucial habitat for the very rare red squirrel.
# 345:
Aug 6, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 344:
Aug 6, 2009, Robin Goodchild, United Kingdom
# 343:
Aug 6, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 342:
Aug 6, 2009, Bob Richards, United Kingdom
# 341:
Aug 6, 2009, Paola Castillo, Mexico
# 340:
Aug 6, 2009, Kirsten Pullen, United Kingdom
# 339:
Aug 6, 2009, Ann Cole, United Kingdom
Why does mankind always think it knows best regarding nature. It's about time we learnt to leave wildlife habitats alone unless they're really in trouble. What is the point of establishing the red squirrels and then destroying their home?
# 338:
Aug 6, 2009, Jennifer Hool, United Kingdom
# 337:
Aug 6, 2009, Carri Nicholson, United Kingdom
# 336:
Aug 6, 2009, Anonymous, Ireland
absolute disgrace - when the hell are people going to leave what little of nature is left?
# 335:
Aug 6, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Vegetation is sorely needed and helps reduce global warming. More than enough is being lost through housing & other development without this unnecessary and unwanted action. Also, who pays for it?
# 334:
Aug 6, 2009, Janet Isaacs, United Kingdom
# 333:
Aug 6, 2009, Gillian Warren, United Kingdom
# 332:
Aug 6, 2009, David Beeston, United Kingdom
As someone who has been involved the breeding and rearing of squirrels for this incredibly successful and pioneering project I find CCW's plans abhorrent. Is the decision based on the economic value of the timber rather the desired aim to recreate mobile sand dunes? Surely a well managed forest system with a healthy squirrel population is a valuable tourist attraction for the Island and sourceof valuable income in the long term.
# 331:
Aug 6, 2009, Ellie Sherrard-Smith, United Kingdom
Stop cutting down trees we need them!
# 330:
Aug 6, 2009, Brenda Jones, United Kingdom
Too much habitat is being destroyed in the country and as a result we are losing many of our native animals and plants etc. Please do not destroy this beautiful area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 329:
Aug 6, 2009, Ann Dixon, United Kingdom
# 328:
Aug 6, 2009, Sir Richard Storey Bt., United Kingdom
# 327:
Aug 6, 2009, Janet Butler, United Kingdom
Words fail me with this one, I'm absolutely disgusted that someone could even consider doing this. We need to plant more trees for our wildlife, NOT cut them down to create, of all things 'sand dunes'..........
# 326:
Aug 6, 2009, Margaret Gardener, United Kingdom
My childhod memories are of London and the red squirrels sadly no longer there - lets keep our indiginous population and their habitat. Don't lets add to global warming by getting rid of any more trees as other countries are doing.
# 325:
Aug 6, 2009, Raymond Reynolds, United Kingdom
# 324:
Aug 6, 2009, Aileen Rankin, United Kingdom
# 323:
Aug 6, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 322:
Aug 6, 2009, Christine Sant, United Kingdom
# 321:
Aug 6, 2009, Gareth Lane, United Kingdom
There are very few habitats where Red Squirrels can breed in the UK. Formby attacts visitors due to the red squirrel population and the same can be said about Newborough Forest. We need to increase the availability for children to experience nature, not take it away.
# 320:
Aug 6, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
It is no good saying that there are more important battles to be fighting, if we had this attitude towards everything, our country would crumble and fall from underneath our feet, no standards would be upheld and we would become a third world country.
# 319:
Aug 6, 2009, Ron Crispin, United Kingdom
# 318:
Aug 6, 2009, David Halpin, United Kingdom
Nature is for everyone, Let the wild life live their lives to the full like humans would like to do.
# 317:
Aug 6, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
This is pure madness!!!!!
# 316:
Aug 6, 2009, Linda Kirk, United Kingdom
these red squirrels need to be saved
# 315:
Aug 6, 2009, Suzanne Thomas, United Kingdom
How can Britain ask third world countries to respect and preserve their animals such as Mountain Gorillas and Tigers when we cannot look after our own native species. This seems like such a backward step for us with regards to animal and environmental conservation. Those that have worked so hard to save the red squirrels and those that appreciate them will be devastated if their habitat is destroyed. Those that allow such a thing to happen should be ashamed of themselves.
# 314:
Aug 6, 2009, G Todd, United Kingdom
This is Madness!!!
# 313:
Aug 5, 2009, ALICIA KINSEY, United Kingdom
# 312:
Aug 5, 2009, Rory Obrien, United Kingdom
# 311:
Aug 5, 2009, Alan Williamson, United Kingdom
In Formby, English nature has conducted a similar exercise - this has had a major impact to the woodland coverage and has contributed to the demise of their own red squirrel population. It must not be allowed. Many people are now concered that it will also contibute to the erosion of the coast and sand dunes.
# 310:
Aug 5, 2009, Ilia Karmanov, United Kingdom
# 309:
Aug 5, 2009, Olwen Bristo, United Kingdom
# 308:
Aug 5, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom

# 307:
Aug 5, 2009, Carol Ward, United Kingdom
# 306:
Aug 5, 2009, Michelle Jones, United Kingdom
Newborough was my first home and the forest was a place I played as a kid. To destroy this would be senseless.
# 305:
Aug 5, 2009, Athena Handras, New Jersey
# 304:
Aug 5, 2009, Jackie Sharpe, United Kingdom
# 303:
Aug 5, 2009, Amanda Hunt, United Kingdom
This would be so wrong!!
# 302:
Aug 5, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 301:
 Aug 5, 2009, Judy Edwards, United Kingdom

# 300:
Aug 5, 2009, Aaron Aitken, United Kingdom
# 299:
Aug 5, 2009, John Stubbs, United Kingdom
Whilst the rest of the UK has decided to allow coastal erosion, Anglesey destroy a WAG funded habitat - mad or what!
# 298:
Aug 5, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 297:
Aug 5, 2009, Robert Mansfield, United Kingdom
# 296:
Aug 5, 2009, Ian Argyle, United Kingdom
We know the area well - it would be criminal to spoil it.
# 295:
Aug 5, 2009, Colin Chappell, United Kingdom
# 294:
Aug 5, 2009, Michele Jones, United Kingdom
how on earth can this be allowed to happen? i helped at the Welsh Mountain zoo under the curator Peter dickinson who worked tirelessly and held the stud book for the wonderful red squirrels....leave their habitat alone
# 293:
Aug 5, 2009, Veronica Bastidas, Ecuador
# 292:
Aug 5, 2009, David Flynn, United Kingdom
Plans are sheer vandalism. There are very few habitats where Red Squirrels are thriving. We must not let this happen
# 291:
Aug 5, 2009, Mimi Roberts, United Kingdom
# 290:
Aug 5, 2009, Jenne Morris, United Kingdom
# 289:
Aug 5, 2009, Rebecca England, United Kingdom
# 288:
Aug 5, 2009, Patricia Armstrong, United Kingdom
Save our red squirrels, save our ravens, save our beautiful forest!!!
# 287:
Aug 5, 2009, Anthony Pearson, United Kingdom
# 286:
Aug 5, 2009, Terry Hornsey, United Kingdom
# 285:
Aug 5, 2009, I Harrison, United Kingdom
its a beautifull beach ,visited it many years ago when on holiday, i thought it was forestry commision land ? does that body still exist. best to petition for a survey of existing wildlife before any felling starts. and maybe an environmental impact survey to boot? Any one know how to achieve this? Oh and maybe get wwf and rspb on side as well.
# 284:
Aug 5, 2009, John Owen, United Kingdom
The forest was planted for a purpose, that purpose will be eliminated if this stupid plan is allowed to go through, we heavily critisice so called 3rd. world countries for doing exactly what these no-brainers want to do in our own midin, every power to your elbow.
# 283:
Aug 5, 2009, Clare Jenkinson, United Kingdom
Successful reintroduction schemes for any species are rare and support for the groundbreaking red squirrel reintroduction project here should not be jeopardised. Dunes may have conservation goals also, but need to be sited elsewhere - or more money and support put in to ensure red squirrel reintroductions are set-up elsewhere and are running successfully before any decision is taken - this however would take years and I imagine there is money involved - so the first option would be the best. Also it appears, whilst we hammer foreign governments for poor conservation support, we are failing miserably to support and conserve our few remaining native species.
# 282:
Aug 5, 2009, JOSHUA PERRY, United Kingdom
# 281:
Aug 5, 2009, Dafydd Davies, United Kingdom
# 280:
Aug 5, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 279:
Aug 5, 2009, Nick Davis, United Kingdom
Save our Reds!
# 278:
Aug 5, 2009, Richard Gibson, United Kingdom
# 277:
Aug 5, 2009, Karen King, United Kingdom
# 276:
Aug 5, 2009, Richard Barnett, United Kingdom
Please leave the forest for our enjoyment and for our native wildlife's survival.
# 275:
Aug 5, 2009, Jennifer Bradford, United Kingdom
# 274:
Aug 5, 2009, Angela Powell, United Kingdom
# 273:
Aug 5, 2009, Katie Edwards, United Kingdom
# 272:
Aug 5, 2009, V. Dennick, United Kingdom
# 271:
Aug 5, 2009, Helen Wright, United Kingdom
# 270:
Aug 5, 2009, Simon Marsh, United Kingdom
# 269:
Aug 5, 2009, Lizzie Holman, United Kingdom
PLEASE do not do this - mobile sand dunes by their very nature may not actually go where they are supposed to go! The cost to this fantastic re-introduction of the Red Squirrel programme would be far too high.
# 268:
Aug 5, 2009, Pat Mole, United Kingdom
# 267:
Aug 5, 2009, Richard Goodchild, United Kingdom
# 266:
Aug 5, 2009, Rod Dixon, United Kingdom
Pure vandalism, they tried to do the same at Formby in merseyside against local opinion and made a terrible mess. Some thining would be beneficial but not clear felling. The forest was originally planted to stabalise the dunes and stop them being destroyed in severe storm. With global warming and prospective sea level rise I would think this is even more valid now.
# 265:
Aug 5, 2009, Jane Williams, United Kingdom
# 264:
Aug 5, 2009, George Cornwall-Legh, United Kingdom
# 263:
Aug 5, 2009, Geoff Dyer, United Kingdom
Why do the council want to destroy the forest? There are large dune systems elsewhere and this forest is supporting one of our endangered species.
# 262:
Aug 5, 2009, Lynda Addison, United Kingdom
# 261:
Aug 5, 2009, John Hughes, United Kingdom
# 260:
Aug 5, 2009, Cristin Moore, Kentucky
# 259:
Aug 5, 2009, Seneca Solt, Ohio
# 258:
Aug 4, 2009, Charley Hooper, Canada
# 257:
Aug 4, 2009, Judith Pegden, United Kingdom
i cannot think WHY you would really want to do this to an endagered beautiful creature
# 256:
Aug 4, 2009, Doreen Strettle, United Kingdom
# 255:
Aug 4, 2009, Geraint Davies, Uruguay
We need to stop this or there won't be any forest left for us to all enjoy
# 254:
Aug 4, 2009, Liz Butler, United Kingdom
# 253:
Aug 4, 2009, Rachel Horne, United Kingdom
please protect the red squirrels. they need are help.
# 252:
Aug 4, 2009, Janet Moore, United Kingdom
# 251:
 Aug 4, 2009, Malcolm Moore, United Kingdom

# 250:
Aug 4, 2009, William Mathieson, United Kingdom
The squirrels should be cherished, I am amazed that such an important species for local diversity should be put in danger.
# 249:
Aug 4, 2009, Anthony Roberts, United Kingdom
totally against this plan , did we not reject a similar proposal 3/4 years ago ?
# 248:
Aug 4, 2009, Susan Griffiths, United Kingdom
Save our wild life, our red squirrels and our trees.
# 247:
Aug 4, 2009, Jim and Pat Clark, United Kingdom
As a regular walker at Newborough I'm surprised at the variety of species found in the forest, There are large dune systems at Newborough and Aberffraw and a smaller group at Rhosneigr
# 246:
Aug 4, 2009, CECELIA CROSBY, United Kingdom
# 245:
Aug 4, 2009, John Mitchell, United Kingdom
In my simplistic view of life I thought that sand dunes were continuously on the move whereas forests tend to stay put! If we carry on meddling with nature for £ profit we will all suffer.
# 244:
Aug 4, 2009, M Jermy, United Kingdom
# 243:
Aug 4, 2009, Joanna Grey, United Kingdom
# 242:
Aug 4, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 241:
Aug 4, 2009, Dorothy Russell, United Kingdom
We proudly tell all our guests about the reintroduction of red squirrels to Anglesey and send them for wonderful walks through Newborough Forest to the sandy beaches which fringe it, keeping a careful lookout for these charming, threatened, native creatures. It appears a foolhardy act to cut down a large area of the forest after so much has been done to help settle the 'reds' back into this beautiful area.
# 240:
Aug 4, 2009, Bob Barathy, United Kingdom
Red squirrels need our protection. Clearing the woodlands would be a crime!
# 239:
Aug 4, 2009, Ann Evans, United Kingdom
This is a beautiful part of Anglesey and needs to be protected, and a lot of hard work has been done to re-introduce the red squirrels to Angelsey. Keep up the good work
# 238:
Aug 4, 2009, Sarah Shelley, United Kingdom
defend the habitat of red squirrels.
# 237:
Aug 4, 2009, S Williams, United Kingdom
This is a beautiful forest on my doorstep that I visit regularly. To destroy it would be a disaster.
# 236:
Aug 4, 2009, Andrew Lukas, United Kingdom
It will always be possible to create new sand dunes somewhere but red squirrels require every possible help to survive.
# 235:
Aug 4, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
What possible justification can there be for destoying such a significant proportion of the Red Squirrels habitat at Newborough? In the course of my work I regularly direct many hundreds of visitors to Newborough Forest having been asked where the faintest chance of a glimpse of Red Squirrels could be had. If profit is the underlying motive behind this plan [and I have not heard all the arguments] then I would appeal to even that most coarse and basic of instincts and ask that you think again in light of the input to the local economy that these little red critters bring...
# 234:
Aug 4, 2009, Sarah Goodchild, United Kingdom
# 233:
Aug 4, 2009, Tara Gonzales, California
# 232:
Aug 4, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 231:
Aug 4, 2009, Martin Schuchert, Ohio
Thank you for saving the Newborough Forest , home of the red squirrels!
# 230:
Aug 4, 2009, Richard Ll. Fraser-Williams, United Kingdom
# 229:
Aug 4, 2009, Julia Harrel, United Kingdom
# 228:
Aug 4, 2009, Ian Russell-Jones, United Kingdom
Newborough is a beautiful area that I visited often while an undergraduate at Bangor University. I'm really glad the squirrels have made a home there and they should not be disturbed.
# 227:
Aug 4, 2009, Rod Wilson, United Kingdom
# 226:
Aug 4, 2009, William Gallon, United Kingdom
DO`nt show Wales up once again
# 225:
Aug 4, 2009, Celia Perry, United Kingdom
# 224:
Aug 4, 2009, Anthony Lynch, United Kingdom
# 223:
Aug 4, 2009, Liz Vyvyan, United Kingdom
# 222:
Aug 4, 2009, FFREDA DOUTHWAITE, United Kingdom
This desecration must not be allowed to happen. This is a beautiful nature reserve and it must not be destroyed for profit
# 221:
Aug 4, 2009, Gregory Besterman, United Kingdom
# 220:
Aug 4, 2009, Lisa Rowlands, United Kingdom
It is a wonderful rich environment as it is and can be enjoyed by many. It would destroy its diversity by creating a large and bleak area of dunes.
# 219:
Aug 4, 2009, George Alexander Jensen, United Kingdom
This is an area of scientic interest and is one of the very few areas in the uK where the red squirrel is resident. Do we no longer take any interest in the opinions of the local residents now, or is profit the only consideration?
# 218:
Aug 4, 2009, Barry Jones-Strettle, United Kingdom
# 217:
Aug 4, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
the red squirrel is one of our most treasured endangered species. i find it extraordinary that there can be a ban on endangering the habitats of badgers of whom there are far too many and spread desease yet the powers that be are prepared to allow wilful distruction of one of the Red Squirrel's only safe havens. insane!
# 216:
Aug 4, 2009, Susan Mellor, United Kingdom
# 215:
Aug 4, 2009, Geoff Hetherington, United Kingdom
As usual the powers that be are ignoring the plight of the red squirrel!. Leave the trees alone until we have cleared the greys out of the UK then decide what to do. G. Hetherington -chairman- Westmorland Red Squirel Society (Voluntary Group) ie. not paid or on a high salary.
# 214:
Aug 4, 2009, Margaret Keen, United Kingdom
# 213:
Aug 4, 2009, Keith Roy, United Kingdom
I strongly oppose the planned felling of trees as this will have a profound adverse impact on the local natural environment.
# 212:
Aug 4, 2009, Jean Causer, United Kingdom
As per usual, the profit margin outways public opinion
# 211:
Aug 4, 2009, Gaynor Lloyd-Davies, United Kingdom
# 210:
Aug 4, 2009, Olwen Green, United Kingdom
# 209:
Aug 4, 2009, Dennis Keen, United Kingdom
As usual the environmentalists can't agree amongst themselves and we, the public, are the ones that suffer. The environment is for us and our successors, its not there for the study and management of the environmentalists who want to control all that we do and have.
# 208:
Aug 4, 2009, Dai Jarman, United Kingdom
Surely the dune system can be conserved without this destruction to red squirrel habitat, by woodland edge thinning and/or replanting with native trees. A balance should be possible with the needs of the red squirrel taking priority. This is my own personal opinion and not necessarily that of the National Trust.
# 207:
Aug 4, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 206:
Aug 4, 2009, L Roberts, United Kingdom
# 205:
Aug 4, 2009, Helga Speck, United Kingdom
# 204:
Aug 4, 2009, Renate John, United Kingdom
# 203:
Aug 4, 2009, Lee Beach, United Kingdom
the global dimise of species is evident and yet this area within Angalsey has managed to help bring back a species native to the UK, lets keep this going buy stopping the destruction of this woodland!
# 202:
Aug 4, 2009, Clive Greensmith, United Kingdom
Why do you wish to destroy something which has proved such a success, along with one of our native species which needs our help to survive???????
# 201:
 Aug 4, 2009, Paul Buchanan, United Kingdom

# 200:
Aug 4, 2009, Roger Griffiths, United Kingdom
Leave the forrest alone. We have plenty of sand around our coast but very few areas where red squirrels thrive. I wonder how many back handers are involved in this daft scheme
# 199:
Aug 4, 2009, Jim Hepburn, United Kingdom
# 198:
Aug 4, 2009, J R Downie, United Kingdom
# 197:
Aug 4, 2009, Avril Lloyd, United Kingdom
# 196:
Aug 4, 2009, Frank Harrison, United Kingdom
Having walked through this beautiful Forest with my family, I can't believe that it is the target for destruction by the Forestry Commission. What is their remit?? Disgusting.
# 195:
Aug 4, 2009, Tanya Walls, United Kingdom
# 194:
Aug 4, 2009, Jean Evans, United Kingdom
Safeguard the environment - not destroy it. Protect endangered native species - not destroy their habitat.
# 193:
Aug 4, 2009, Andria Massey, United Kingdom
I can't believe that this is even being considered. Why undo all the good work saving the red squirrels, the idea beggars belief
# 192:
Aug 4, 2009, Dave Coles, United Kingdom
# 191:
Aug 4, 2009, John Shannon, United Kingdom
it is time for those who care about our environment to have a voice
# 190:
Aug 4, 2009, Nicola Tyrrell Tyrrell, United Kingdom
# 189:
Aug 4, 2009, Sarah Curry, United Kingdom
How are we supposed to protect rainforests and tigers, when we can't even protect our own forests and native wildlife. It's like people are blind to climate change and loss of biodiversity - very sad!
# 188:
Aug 4, 2009, John Winstanley, United Kingdom
# 187:
Aug 4, 2009, Susan Dunne, Ohio
# 186:
Aug 4, 2009, Paul Brown, United Kingdom
As well as endangering one of the few suitable habitats for Red Squirrels in Britain the clear felling would destroy the second largest Raven roost in Europe. The CCW does some wonderful work and there are some fantastic people working for them, but there are one or two selfish headstrong people who need kicking out. Come on CCW get the blinkers off.
# 185:
Aug 4, 2009, Graham Loveluck, United Kingdom
Newboro Forest is home to a population of ravens and of red squirrels aswell as being popular with those who want an easy access to wilderness throught year. Last Boxing Day many folk were on the beach and in the dunes.
# 184:
Aug 4, 2009, Victor Weston, United Kingdom
The success of the Friends of the Anglesey Red squirrels has been extraordinary; I am a member fo my local Wildlife Trust and surely everyone today is aware about "biodiversity?! This is clearly an endangered species, it is a tourist attraction, it is an iconic species to be able to maintain!, and everything else should be seen (in the context of saving Newborough Forest woodland) as giving priority to that
# 183:
Aug 4, 2009, Elizabeth Tomlinson, United Kingdom
we need the trees and the red squirrels,for future generations,or the reds will be wiped out and become exstint
# 182:
Aug 4, 2009, Ruth Young, United Kingdom
# 181:
Aug 4, 2009, Julie Jenkins, United Kingdom
# 180:
Aug 4, 2009, Sian Owen, United Kingdom
# 179:
Aug 4, 2009, Medwyn Roberts, United Kingdom
CCW's plans to clear so much of the forest at Newborough endangering one of the sole remaining and successful breeding red squirrel stronholds in Wales is criminal. This must not go ahead. CCW's plans should be stopped at all costs.
# 178:
Aug 4, 2009, Karen Bryant, United Kingdom
It would be tragic if these cute little native creatures of the UK became extinct because of man's ignorance as they are responsible for the red squirrel's plight since the introduction of the grey squirrel from North America. I am now middle aged and lived in the UK all my life and sadly never seen a red squirrel in the wild in the UK - only abroad which I think is truly tragic.
# 177:
Aug 4, 2009, Alan Sewell, United Kingdom
# 176:
Aug 4, 2009, Stephen Kneale, United Kingdom
The CCW are obsessed with cutting down Newborough Forest, putting their own wishes before all others. This clearly undemocratic action must be stopped! They are a disgrace to the conservation movement.
# 175:
Aug 4, 2009, Claire Pryor, United Kingdom
# 174:
Aug 4, 2009, Robert Westby, United Kingdom
# 173:
Aug 4, 2009, Louise Peat, United Kingdom
# 172:
Aug 4, 2009, Phill Williams, United Kingdom
The Anglesey Red Squirrel project is of Welsh and European importance as an example of the protection of threatened indigenous wild life. CCW must support this, not increase the threat
# 171:
Aug 4, 2009, Mike Woolham, United Kingdom
# 170:
Aug 4, 2009, Beth Sutcliffe, United Kingdom
# 169:
Aug 4, 2009, Stan Strickland, United Kingdom
Let these decisions be made by local people who have a genuine interest in the local habitat and know what they are talking about.
# 168:
Aug 4, 2009, Becky Visco, Texas
# 167:
Aug 4, 2009, M Jackson, United Kingdom
I have been monitoring the forest for BTO surveys. As well as red squirrels have seen Marsh Harrier, ravens, crickets, lizards, shrews and voles not to mention orchids, song thrush, crossbill, grasshopper warblers and other warblers which have populations which are losing ground nationally and need protected habitat not reduced habitat I have successfully badgered the CCW to protect skylarks on the saltmarsh . I think they should have the same concern for the above species. The balance of dunes to forest is about right as it is and to cut back the forest could create a situation where erosion eats into the dunes and the forest cut back further in a cycle of destruction. Protect the squirrels - save the habitat - and cut out the war between the Forestry commission and the CCW.
# 166:
Aug 4, 2009, Steve Dale, Australia
# 165:
Aug 3, 2009, Kathleen Batlle, Spain
Keep up the good work.
# 164:
Aug 3, 2009, Paul Evans, United Kingdom
Enough is enough. When will people see the wood for the trees? How is it not seen as a huge policy objective to protect the habitat of the indigenous red squirrel. I emplore you to see sense. Lots of love Paul
# 163:
Aug 3, 2009, Emlyn Roberts, United Kingdom
# 162:
Aug 3, 2009, BRIAN IDDON, United Kingdom
It is about time institutions listened to the voice of the people instead of riding roughshod over very sensitive issues. So much has been done and continues to be done to preserve our native Red Squirrels in the UK,and CCW intends to destroy that,despite opposition from all quarters.
# 161:
Aug 3, 2009, Anonymous, Illinois
Save Newborough Forest
# 160:
Aug 3, 2009, Knaupe Bettina, Germany
# 159:
Aug 3, 2009, Edwin Williams, United Kingdom
I think saying nothing says it all. My face is a picture of despair and disgust
# 158:
Aug 3, 2009, Neil Palfreyman, United Kingdom
# 157:
Aug 3, 2009, Roy Hill, United Kingdom
I am horrified to hear of the proposed destruction of red squirrel habitat. We are working so hard in the North of England to save the red squirrel so the news from Anglesey is very disheartening.
# 156:
Aug 3, 2009, Joanne Travis, United Kingdom
The idea of removing any of Anglesey's remaining forest environment is disgraceful. What about commitments to biodiversity, not to mention years of hard work reintroducing the red squirrels? Shame on you, CCW!
# 155:
Aug 3, 2009, Catherine R Sands, United Kingdom
This is SOOO important - please sign the petition.
# 154:
Aug 3, 2009, Rodrigo Anselmo Reis, United Kingdom
# 153:
Aug 3, 2009, Alan Richards, United Kingdom
# 152:
Aug 3, 2009, Joan Harrison, United Kingdom
# 151:
 Aug 3, 2009, B Wynne, United Kingdom
Why is Newborough Forest to be used for a reckless experiment that will negate years of hard work nurturing indiginous wildlife, and which is against the wishes of the local people?

# 150:
Aug 3, 2009, Ian Marsh, United Kingdom
Such a wonderful resource should be managed with care and consideration for the present and future generations to continue to enjoy the flora and fauna.
# 149:
Aug 3, 2009, Jonathan Wilson, Portugal
CCW appears to be a continuing festival of ignorance and greed.
# 148:
Aug 3, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Please do not clear-fell any of this woodland. Instead ensure that the woodland fauna and flora are preserved, and respect the views of the local community who oppose the felling of 40% of the forest. Thank you, from a member of Mon a Gwynedd Friends of the Earth
# 147:
Aug 3, 2009, Morgan Thomas, United Kingdom
The wales countryside council should be stopped. Why are the assembly doing nothing? How can we tell countries to keep the rainforest when our government destroys rare plants
and animals here.
# 146:
Aug 3, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 145:
Aug 3, 2009, Richard Dyke, United Kingdom
The Countryside Council for Wales should hang their heads in shame.
# 144:
Aug 3, 2009, Andrew Price, United Kingdom
the habitats around the coastline provide both visual and active fun and interest to many local people and tourists to the area, by removing such excuisite areas you will not only visually damage the area but impact both economically and naturally by removing the habitats that are used as homes for many wildlife in the area.
# 143:
Aug 3, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 142:
Aug 3, 2009, Gerry Wolff, United Kingdom
# 141:
Aug 3, 2009, Oliver Way, United Kingdom
# 140:
Aug 3, 2009, Jane Horsley, United Kingdom
# 139:
Aug 3, 2009, Muriel Alix, United Kingdom
The red squirrel is a protected species, in danger because of the grey squirel (the invasive species). It is a real shame for Wales and UK that the countryside council doesn't think more about the big impacts this forest destruction will have on the red squirrel population. They should consider what there priorities are.
# 138:
Aug 3, 2009, Ana Queiros, United Kingdom
# 137:
Aug 3, 2009, Gun Nidhi, India
I support the cause taken up to save the Newborough Forest.
# 136:
Aug 3, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 135:
Aug 3, 2009, Anna Bransden, United Kingdom
# 134:
Aug 3, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 133:
Aug 3, 2009, R.G. Soni, Maine
Clearfelling of 600 acres of the Newborough Forest is not only against the overall environmental and Biodiversity interests of Great Britain, but the whole world. Suitable alternatives must be found to avoid this devastation which should and will be condemned at international level.
# 132:
Aug 3, 2009, Aled Bebb, United Kingdom
# 131:
Aug 3, 2009, Maureen Mccusker, United Kingdom
Stop and think - dont do it
# 130:
Aug 3, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 129:
Aug 3, 2009, Joanne Lello, United Kingdom
There are few strongholds left in the UK for the red squirrel. After all the efforts, and money, that have gone into conserving this species, particularly in this woodland, it is madness to jeopardize them in this way.
# 128:
Aug 3, 2009, Andrew Kendall, United Kingdom
# 127:
Aug 3, 2009, Martin Guerrero, United Kingdom
# 126:
Aug 3, 2009, Nicola Robertson, United Kingdom
# 125:
Aug 3, 2009, David Lord, United Kingdom
# 124:
Aug 3, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 123:
Aug 3, 2009, Maryann Staron, Illinois
# 122:
Aug 3, 2009, Ruchir Tiwari, India
# 121:
Aug 3, 2009, Hefin Jones, United Kingdom
# 120:
Aug 3, 2009, Anthony Montapert, California
# 119:
Aug 2, 2009, William Smith, United Kingdom
# 118:
Aug 2, 2009, Nicky Beecham, United Kingdom
Please THINK about what this means to the red squirrel population.
# 117:
Aug 2, 2009, Brian Bannister, United Kingdom
# 116:
Aug 2, 2009, C J Adds, United Kingdom
red squirrels are important to our bio-diversity and nothing should be done to further the destruction of their habitat. They need all the help they can get to ensure their survival.
# 115:
Aug 2, 2009, Gavin Mills, United Kingdom
Meh! Ridiculous!
# 114:
Aug 2, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
This is insanity. The red squirrel already has enough to contend with, why are we just adding to their demise??
# 113:
Aug 2, 2009, Jack Mc:ean, United Kingdom
# 112:
Aug 2, 2009, Bran Jones, United Kingdom
# 111:
Aug 2, 2009, David Main, United Kingdom
save this forest, why don't the interfering do goooders leave this forest as is, what on earth is the point of mobile sand dunes. go and live in the sahara, do the rest of us a favour.
# 110:
Aug 2, 2009, Stephen Forsyth, United Kingdom
# 109:
Aug 2, 2009, Valerie Wasson, Ohio
# 108:
Aug 2, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Mobile sand dunes or wildlife?
# 107:
Aug 2, 2009, Frank Milligan, United Kingdom
# 106:
Aug 2, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 105:
Aug 2, 2009, David Passey, United Kingdom
As a student of forestry undertaking detailed studies within Newborough Forest, I feel that the proposed clear-fell would be of detriment to a proportion of the flora and fauna of the area as well of detracting from its social and amenity value.

# 104:
Aug 2, 2009, Michelle Menger, France
# 103:
Aug 2, 2009, Susan Southworth, United Kingdom
# 102:
Aug 2, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Please do not threaten this wonderful red squirrel colony. You have no idea just how difficult it is to remove grey squirrels from an area and encourage the reds. Loss of one such red squirrel colony would be a devastating blow to all of us who value them, please think carefully.
# 101:
 Aug 2, 2009, Marian Hughes, United Kingdom
Mae'n bwysig gwarchod y goedwig hon i'r dyfodol / It's very important that Newborough Forest is protected for the future

# 100:
Aug 2, 2009, Nick Blunt, United Kingdom
You need to pay attention to the wishes of the local people..who wants a sand dune???? crazy
# 99:
Aug 2, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
Why have you do want mobel sand dunes ????
# 98:
Aug 2, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 97:
Aug 2, 2009, Ashok Singhvi, India
# 96:
Aug 2, 2009, Kirsty Jenkin, United Kingdom
# 95:
Aug 2, 2009, Jackie Foott, United Kingdom
# 94:
Aug 2, 2009, Caroline Marrow, United Kingdom
This site has been subject to a lot of ecologial monitoring and a good case has been made to leave the area to develop without intervention. A lot of scientific data has been collected over many years and destroying part of the forest will devalue the acquired data for future research. There is a great deal of opposition to the project which is not of any benefit economically to the district and will vandalise the natural beauty and ecology of the forest. The project should not be allowed to proceed.
# 93:
Aug 2, 2009, Bethan Wyn Jones, United Kingdom
Mae angen gwarchod y wiwer goch.
# 92:
Aug 2, 2009, Anna Spadafora, Italy
# 91:
Aug 2, 2009, Christine LaPointe, Florida
# 90:
Aug 2, 2009, David Alexander, United Kingdom
Such a proposal constitutes a further and serious reduction of Anglesey's economic standing. With the imminent loss of two of the Island's four major employers the one susutainable industry,leisure/tourism is increasingly recognised as the Islands mainstay.Every relevant form of tourism will be gravely injured by this proposal; it is therefore to be hoped that the balance between the interests of sand and the people of Anglesey will be weighed by the Welsh Assembly Goverment and that the economic wellbeing of the people will prevail.
# 89:
Aug 2, 2009, Martin Hollingham, United Kingdom
Follow the communities battle with the regulatory authorities. http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?topic=9439&uid=140960754656#/group.php?gid=
# 88:
Aug 2, 2009, Andrew Grattage, United Kingdom
# 87:
Aug 2, 2009, Richard Peel, United Kingdom
# 86:
Aug 2, 2009, Jo Menneer, United Kingdom
# 85:
Aug 2, 2009, Rachel Dennis, United Kingdom
# 84:
Aug 2, 2009, Cheree Miller, Florida
# 83:
Aug 2, 2009, Anonymous, United Kingdom
# 82:
Aug 2, 2009, Aaron Beers, United Kingdom
# 81:
Aug 2, 2009, Norris Atthey, United Kingdom
Imperative that habitat of reds takes priority
# 80:
Aug 2, 2009, Angi Phillips, United Kingdom
How is this conservation, exactly?
# 79:
Aug 2, 2009, Elaine Robinson, United Kingdom
# 78:
Aug 2, 2009, Annie Middleton, United Kingdom
# 77:
Aug 2, 2009, Harsh Vardhan, India
It is ridiculous to know 600 acres of the Newborough forest to be clear-felled by a section of Brit., Government, which is what it did in India prior to 1947. STOP THIS NUISANCE DECISION else face AGITATION in INDIA TOO.Red Squirrels and other fauna deserve this pace, also meant for climate related benefis to the world at large.
# 76:
Aug 2, 2009, Dick Artley, Idaho
# 75:
Aug 2, 2009, Mary Roberts, Canada
# 74:
Aug 2, 2009, JANETTA BULLAS, United Kingdom
# 73:
Aug 2, 2009, Jennifer Gardner, Florida
# 72:
Aug 1, 2009, Douglas Forsyth, United Kingdom
Which is more important red squirrels, ravens etc., and the woodland flora and fauna or mobile sand dunes!!!
# 71:
Aug 1, 2009, Antonella Russo, Italy
# 70:
Aug 1, 2009, Charles Dutton, United Kingdom
It is imparative that this vital habitat is saved, especialy after the lengthy public consultation, local people's view must be respected. The Red Sqs of Anglesey form part of a vital national reserve and this conservation project should be celebrated the world over, not undermined and rubbished by Government organisation that should know better.
# 69:
Aug 1, 2009, Simone Duffin, Australia
# 68:
Aug 1, 2009, Paul Mousley, United Kingdom
Consultation is key. If the decision had already been made to ignore the consultatiuon process, as is alleged then the whole process was a moot point. All that aside, the efforts to save the reds should not be undermined after ll of the effort that has gone into the project so far!
# 67:
Aug 1, 2009, Robert Washbrook, United Kingdom
# 66:
Aug 1, 2009, Chris Hall Hall, United Kingdom
# 65:
Aug 1, 2009, Bernard Widdowson, United Kingdom
Once again the Wildlife and Countryside Act is supine. Those who wish to disturb red squirrels or destroy their habit should try driving their vehicles on the road completely ignoring the the Road Traffic Act.
# 64:
Aug 1, 2009, Kerri Cawthon, Oregon
# 63:
Aug 1, 2009, Gary Crook, United Kingdom
# 62:
Aug 1, 2009, Victoria Truelove, Georgia
I love all animals,including squirrels,and I also love forests.I don't want forests cut down,though.Forests are valuable and also help the environment by absorbing CO2. I don't like forests being cut down and I wish it would stop altogether.
# 61:
Aug 1, 2009, Marcin Sztwiertnia, Poland
# 60:
Aug 1, 2009, Clare Nicol, United Kingdom
i work with these beautiful creatures,they are traditionally a british species so WHAT are the council thinking?!they should be encouraging and helping the return of the british red squirrel-NOT destroying it and countless others species of flora and fauna.
# 59:
Aug 1, 2009, TERESA Arias, Mexico
# 58:
Aug 1, 2009, Darsana Roldan, Florida
# 57:
Aug 1, 2009, Dana Fillion, Connecticut
# 56:
Aug 1, 2009, Carolyn Tonahill, Louisiana
# 55:
Jul 31, 2009, Chiara Rognone, Italy
# 54:
Jul 31, 2009, Louis Jones, United Kingdom
# 53:
Jul 31, 2009, Isak Sandberg, Sweden
# 52:
Jul 31, 2009, Hagen Moss, United Kingdom
# 51:
Jul 31, 2009, Hagen Moss, United Kingdom
 # 50:
Jul 31, 2009, Anonymous, Illinois
# 49:
Jul 31, 2009, Jemma Browning, United Kingdom
# 48:
Jul 31, 2009, Mark Zappone, New Jersey
Please, we must all help nature.
# 47:
Jul 31, 2009, Peter Dornig, United Kingdom
The potential loss of such a great part of a community asset beggars belief in this day and age. I have enjoyed the forest and all it has to offer for many years, so have many other people. Let it not be spoiled by this proposal.
# 46:
Jul 31, 2009, Stephanie Ferrante, New Jersey
# 45:
Jul 31, 2009, Stuart McGeachie, United Kingdom
# 44:
Jul 31, 2009, Richard Westoll, United Kingdom
# 43:
Jul 31, 2009, Mike Pleasant, United Kingdom
# 42:
Jul 31, 2009, Claire Smith, Norway
# 41:
Jul 31, 2009, Nyack Clancy, New York
# 40:
Jul 31, 2009, Iain Williams, United Kingdom
# 39:
Jul 31, 2009, Margaret Sweeny, United Kingdom
# 38:
Jul 31, 2009, Sanja Vrcelj, Arizona
# 37:
Jul 31, 2009, Rebecca Williams, United Kingdom
# 36:
Jul 31, 2009, Anonymous, California
# 35:
Jul 31, 2009, Jennie Halen, Sweden
# 34:
Jul 31, 2009, Anonymous, Texas
# 33:
Jul 31, 2009, Stanley Pendze, Pennsylvania
# 32:
Jul 31, 2009, Sarah Banks, United Kingdom
# 31:
Jul 31, 2009, JERRY MOSS, United Kingdom
All the hard work that has been done by craig and his team could be un done in a few weeks - must not happen !
# 30:
Jul 31, 2009, Bob Lowe, United Kingdom
# 29:
Jul 31, 2009, Doug Hulme, United Kingdom
Terrible news... Why is this happening at newborough again? I thought that the CCW had dropped these crazy demands in 2004. The CCW people need the chop not the trees!
# 28:
Jul 31, 2009, Bez Standen, United Kingdom
The trees were decimated once before (the Romans), now we have Anglesey County Council wanting to do the same. Please stop now!!!
# 27:
Jul 31, 2009, Karen Fagan, Canada
# 26:
Jul 31, 2009, Dinda Evans, California
# 25:
Jul 31, 2009, Tamara Gilbert, North Carolina
# 24:
Jul 31, 2009, Jamie Lee, California
# 23:
Jul 31, 2009, Nicole Williams, Virginia
# 22:
Jul 31, 2009, Marleen Geudens, Belgium
# 21:
Jul 31, 2009, Laura Downs, United Kingdom
When will people realise the more we destroy natural habitat the greater the loss to our animal kingdom.
# 20:
Jul 31, 2009, David N Moore, Connecticut
# 19:
Jul 31, 2009, Jeanette steffi Gahid, Philippines
save the forest and give the animals their home. and never interfere again.
# 18:
Jul 31, 2009, Bill C, Germany
# 16:
Jul 31, 2009, Alan Hollway, United Kingdom
Before the trees can be removed, there has to be scientific evidence that the trees are detrimental to the sand dune system. To date, there hasn't been sufficient evidence to give justification for the removal of the trees.
# 15:
Jul 31, 2009, Maureen Parry-Williams, United Kingdom
In addition, this will have a detrimental effect on the tourist industry as well as the recreation and leisure facilities for local people. There are few enough attractions in this area and any diminishing of these is a retrograde step in the battle to entice visitors to the island. The disruption that would be caused to the environment and the local area cannot be justified.
# 14:
Jul 31, 2009, Ian Miller, United Kingdom
The supposed conservation basis for this clearfelling of a minimum of 40% of the forest does not stand up to examination. The conservation agency, the Countryside Council for Wales, own assessments show the protected dune habitats of this SAC to be in good condition. The long term future of these dunes are also not threatened. This unique coastal forest with its special link between sea and woodland should be protected for future generations. Dr Ian Miller
# 13:
Jul 31, 2009, Pam Boland, Georgia
# 12:
Jul 31, 2009, Mervi Rantala, Finland
# 11:
Jul 31, 2009, Panagiotis Rigopoulos, Greece
# 10:
Jul 31, 2009, Sigrid De Ruyck, Canada
# 9:
Jul 31, 2009, Bertil Saukkoriipi, Sweden
# 8:
Jul 31, 2009, Susan Ferrara, Pennsylvania
For more impact, add a personal comment here
# 7:
Jul 30, 2009, Gale Weaner, Texas
# 6:
Jul 30, 2009, Jaycie Tipton, Florida
# 5:
Jul 30, 2009, Ann Hesson, United Kingdom
# 4:
Jul 30, 2009, Chaz Gaily Berlusconi, South Africa
# 3:
Jul 30, 2009, Thorton Wells, Kansas
# 2:
Jul 30, 2009, Angie Whiteman, United Kingdom
# 1:
Jul 30, 2009, Craig Shuttleworth, United Kingdom
Newborough forest is a wonderful place, lets keep it for future generations to enjoy.