About us


We are a group of people who are totally against the proposed 40% clear felling of Newborough Forest, which would devastate this most beautiful area.

In 2004 there was a similar problem and the Newborough Forest Preservation Group came into being.  This group managed to get the proposed plans for felling 2/3rds of this forest by the year 2015 shelved, allegedly permanently.

After this event the Newborough Forest Liaison Partnership was formed. Over a period of 5 years a ‘Forest Design Plan’ was formulated by a ‘Habitats and Species Group’.  This group included employees of the Countryside Council for Wales, Forestry Commission Wales, The Red Squirrel Trust, North Wales Wildlife Trust, Anglesey County Council etc. In April 2009 the plan was turned down by the Countryside Council for Wales, that was when a number of the Liaison Partnership members decided to fight the new proposals, which included the proposed 40% clear fell, and that was when the Newborough Forest Protection Group came into being.

We are determined to do everything in our power to prevent the proposed felling and need all the help we can get from the general public.  

To contact us, please email - mail@savenewboroughforest.org.uk